Saturday, July 04, 2009

Let’s Go to the Movies!

Yesterday, after a long, fun day of swimming and a really good nap, we took Quinn to his very first movie. Now, he had been to the movie theatre before…

There were numerous times that he went when he was in my belly…the first was Happy Feet, and the most memorable was a James Bond movie because he kicked and moved the WHOLE time! :)

And, when he was about 3 months old, we took him to Silver Surfer for his Daddy’s birthday. But, he nursed in the theatre and then slept in my arms the rest of the time!

But, we felt that it was time! The little man LOVES movies and has recently taken some interest to IshAsh (prouncouced eye-sh, {long} a-sh). So, after dinner with Mammer and Slickpaw, we got to the theatre early so that we would have plenty of time for picture taking and snack purchasing. Q's 1st Movie 002 Q's 1st Movie 005 Q's 1st Movie 006 Q's 1st Movie 007 Q's 1st Movie 009 Q's 1st Movie 010 Q's 1st Movie 011 Quinn was so excited. We handed him his ticket and let him give it to the guy tearing tickets. He politely said “thank you” when he got his stub back and proceeded down the hall…Q's 1st Movie 012 Q's 1st Movie 014When we got in the theatre, we chose the font isle that has extra leg room for recovering knee surgery patients and toddler little boys! :) Quinn was so excited about the commercials that were playing, so we knew he was going to LOVE the movie! …

Q's 1st Movie 016 Q's 1st Movie 019

And, he was an absolute hoot when the previews started. At the end of each one he’d say, “That’s a COOL movie!” … Then, when the Ice Age intro began, he LOUDLY said, “Here it comes!!!! My excited!” …And, during the movie, we were so thankful to have that extra room with the bar in front. He’d stand, he’d jump, he’d sit in his chair, he’d sit in all of our laps, he’d sit on the floor, he’d snack, he’d drink his Sprite, he’d laugh, he’d get a little scared, and he’d offer the most hilarious commentary…And, the words he’d say were NOT in a whisper voice! {When do toddlers learn how to whisper, by the way?} He’d say things like…

Oh No! Where’s he going? … That’s funny!…My not like him!…He’s dirty! He needs a wipie!…They’re good friends!…He not real!…That’s a t-rex! That’s a triceratops!…….and more! It was so cute!

Overall, it was a great first movie experience! He watched almost ALL of the movie (despite his busyness) and loved it a lot! … His new trains from Mammer and Slickpaw were happily housed in the cup holders while he watched…and, he excitedly carried them out and talked about the movie when it ended. …Q's 1st Movie 020

Even though we may not be going to the movies ALL of the time yet, I’m so happy to know that Quinn loved it and enjoyed the experience! Such a fun first for our family! iceage3poster_big

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

that is a super, SUPER cute post. what a fun first!! the pic of him giving his ticket is definitely my favorite. he looks grown up sitting there watching that movie, too!