Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Like Northpark!

Last night, Matt graciously let me have a little “me time” to VersaSpa and go to the bookstore…and when I got home, THIS is what I saw…Dancing and Trains 016…My boys had transformed the living room into a train lover’s dream! Matt & Quinn had gone to the store to get some more track and had TOO much fun building tunnels, bridges and buildings for Thomas and Spencer to ride through. Quinn was SUPER excited to show me and loved watching his trains go ‘round and ‘round! But, even though Quinn was pretty cute, nothing was cuter than his Daddy! I promise Matt loved it more than Q did…he said, “Look, babe…it’s just like Northpark!” Bless him…so sweet! I love how hard he worked and the special time that he and his little boy had making such a fun track. And, I love how he took SO many pictures to document…at least 40! Besides the ones of he and Quinn, Matt took them ALL! I’ve trained him well! :)

Dancing and Trains 038

Dancing and Trains 023 Dancing and Trains 025 Dancing and Trains 030 Dancing and Trains 032 Dancing and Trains 036

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