Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brittneythew Chapter Eleven: 8 months (minus a day)

While in Abilene, and after only being engaged a day, we picked the date that we would say “I DO!” … August 2, 2003! So, from our engagement, we had 8 months (minus a day!) And, may I say that the next 8 months were a whirlwind at the same time that they drug on…I couldn’t wait to get married and LOVED all of the things leading up to becoming a Mrs. But, before it could be about us, we were so excited to celebrate with Matt’s sister, Bethanie, as she became Mrs. DePalermo on December the 28th. IMG IMG_0001 IMG_0002

After I got back from Houston, Mom & Dad came to Dallas so that we could go wedding dress shopping. After one store, and only 5 or 6 dresses, I found mine! It was everything I had dreamed and I had found it so quickly! My mom and dad both oohed and ahhed and my Dad graciously wrote the check. Wow! It was all becoming real!!!IMG_0018Then, after the holidays, I tried to go back to living a normal life! But, the new sparkly piece of jewelry on my left hand kept my mind on wedding planning and being in love! …In spite of my daydreaming (and too much internet wedding planning during school hours), I had fun being Miss Broyles. … Matt came up to celebrate Snow Day…the kids loved him so much and would get so excited every time he would come to visit! …IMG_0003

Matt enjoyed his last months as a bachelor and did things that only boys can do…including playing Playstaion with helmets on and living out of Dickey’s cups on a Rubbermaid coffee table. Gotta love him…IMG_0004 As an engaged couple, we decided that it was time to sell my precious red Camaro (the alternator had gone out one too many times), and invest in our first big purchase…IMG_0005 I got a brand new Mazda Tribute. It was nice but I was sad to say goodbye to my little red sports car that I’d had since my 16th birthday! …IMG_0006 On my birthday, February 11, 2003, our parents met for the first time. It was crazy that they hadn’t….but we knew that it would be a great meeting. And, it was! They hit it off immediately! In six short months, we’d be taking this same picture all dressed up! …IMG_0007 Once Spring Break came, it was time to dilly dally no more! The wedding planning with the MoB was in full force!…Matt and I spent a whole week in Abilene…we started by taking our engagement pictures and then picked out bridesmaid dress patters and fabric, selected our invitations, decided on flowers, caterers, and did our cake testing! We also nailed down our church and reception site as well! Check, check, check! It felt good to get so much done! And, it was all SO fun!

IMG_0008 IMG_0009 Here we are posing in front of the Swenson House…where we would have our reception…IMG_0010 And, here we are opening our first wedding gift! Mom and Dad gave it to us on April 14th! (our 1st dating anniversary…The same date is also their dating anniversary…what are the odds!?) It was one of our silver serving pieces with our monogram on it. I was so excited…and Matt pretended to be…such a good Groom! :) IMG_0011 As the school year continued, we registered at Target, Dillard’s, Linens and Things, and Pottery Barn! WHEW! Matt stayed busy being a youth pastor and I kept on planning our perfect day! Matt and I loved being engaged….the kids at church were so excited for us!!! We enjoyed the time…going to Matt’s basketball games, going to movies, watching Kelly Clarkson win American Idol, eating out…knowing that our good times were only beginning.

Before the year ended, we had two showers…

Our first was thrown by the Corvette Club. It was a dinner party and was so fun. Matt and I had to play some “how well do you know each other” games and we did beautifully! … We also got ALL of our beautiful silver serving pieces….IMG_0016Then, my teaching team threw me a sweet shower at school…IMG_0017When the school year ended, and I had successfully taught my first year, things got even more fun!…Matt and I made a few more purchases…our king sized mattress that Matt would get to sleep on for now, and a new dining table! It seemed so grown up! I went ahead and got my classroom COMPLETELY ready for the next school year and we completed our marriage counseling. Then, my sweet RMY, Sharee, got married in June…and I loved being a part of her day…especially knowing that I would be joining her as a married woman very soon! …IMG_0012 IMG_0013 Then, we were BLOWN away by the love from all of our family and friends as we had even more amazing showers…

My best friends from high school and their mommas threw me the most amazing “Around-the-House” shower…IMG_0019IMG_0014 My mom’s teacher friends threw me a beautiful kitchen shower..IMG_0020

And, Matt’s parents hosted the most amazing “Honeymoon shower!”…IMG_0015      It was complete with a HUGE Empire State Building and got us so excited about our upcoming trip to The Big Apple. The invite read, “in lieu of gifts, please make a contribution to the Honeymoon fund!” We ended up with about $1,800.00 to take with us to NYC! It was SO overwhelming and wonderful! IMG_0022IMG_0021 At the end of June, I had my bridal portraits taken and we addressed and sent about 400 wedding invites! My neck and back has never hurt so horribly…but it was done! And, my wedding was only 6 weeks away!!!IMG_0029

Then, the REALLY fun stuff began! My BFF’s from college threw me the most precious Lingerie Shower….where we got to wear PJ’s. I loved laughing and dining with such sweet girls…IMG_0024 IMG_0025 And, last but not least, by BFF and MoH organized the ultimate Bachelorette Party!..complete with Pete’s Piano Bar and just a few drinks! ;) …What a fun night!…IMG_0026Then, the week of my wedding arrived! Even though I stayed on top of things and was super organized from the beginning, there was still so much to do! Sarah and I worked together to make the programs, make our ribbon bouquets for the rehearsal, wrap wedding party gifts and all of the other last minute things that had to be done. I loved having my best friend there from North Carolina to be a part of all of the details… and of course, the MoB and FoB stayed busy helping us too! …The countdown was on! …IMG_0027 IMG_0028 Coming Soon:

Chapter Twelve: Eez a Party!


The Perkins Family said...

Hi Brittney...I was curious if you "shared" your blog/blurb book on the blurb website. I really want to make a book, but was having trouble getting started and would love to see a sample of yours! thanks so much!

Sharee Forman said...

I love seeing all this and going back to the day again. And I'm impressed with how you got all your engagement pretty much in one post! Wow. I cringed when I saw the PJ shower pics thinking of that tacky spraypainted lingerie cake I got you...uhhhgggg, I'll never forget the embarassment! :) I don't think Marcy ever forgave me either! haha

The Perkins Family said...

Hi Brittney...that would be awesome..thanks so much!

Amanda @ Our Oklahoma Nest said...

I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I've been reading it for a little while now and I love it! I especially love your Brittneythew stories! What a great love story! You have inspired me to do the same. Love your blog!