Monday, July 13, 2009

Yakety Yak…We Love You, Zack!

Since Matt’s little cousin, Zack, had such a great time going to camp with our church last summer, he decided to go again this year! But, this year, he was able to stay with us the day before camp and the 2 1/2 days after! Needless to say, Quinn just adored his BIG 2nd cousin, ‘Yak!” (I’m sure much like Quinn’s Daddy adored Zack’s Daddy not so many years ago!) …Quinn wanted to sit by Yak, play with Yak, eat with Yak and swim with Yak! And, Zack (since he has 5 baby brothers and sisters at home), was so precious with Q! I love that he got to spend the week with Matt at camp and love that he got to spend some time with us! What a unique and sweet guy he is…and we hope he can come visit again soon! ….and I know all the kids that now ADORE him from church, would be glad too! Yak 001 Yak 003 Yak 006Yak 009Yak 010

We Love You, Yak!

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