Saturday, June 20, 2009

Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Ephesians 6:7

On Saturday, our church had its second S.O.S. (Saturday of Service). Brad, Matt’s Two-Five partner, is the Missions Pastor at our church and does such an excellent job organizing all kinds of service projects for our church to participate in. …This time we were helping a single woman do a lot of stuff around her house, cleaning up the landscaping outside of a local community outreach center, hosting a Backyard Bible Club, and then a Jesus Loves You picnic in the evening. It was a full and HOT day…but I am always so amazed to watch people as they become the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. I love seeing the joy that they receive and the overwhelming thanks in the people that are helped! Even though {due to Matt’s still healing knee} we were the unofficial event photographer/videographer, we got our hands a little dirty and had a great time!

Here are Remy and I at the single woman’s house…she had a HUGE backyardSOS & Father's Day 157 SOS & Father's Day 166 SOS & Father's Day 219 Since my parents were in town for Father’s Day, they kept Q…Matt and I had fun being ‘just us!” …SOS & Father's Day 226 Our Pastor doing Father Abraham…mercy me!!!…:) … SOS & Father's Day 234 SOS & Father's Day 237 SOS & Father's Day 247SOS & Father's Day 249







Sweet servant girls…SOS & Father's Day 256 SOS & Father's Day 259 SOS & Father's Day 266 SOS & Father's Day 269 SOS & Father's Day 278The picnic was so fun…there was face painting, games, bounce houses, popsicles, water guns, sidewalk chalk, hot dogs, and more!!!…We put flyers around a neighborhood and had lots of people come out to play with our church family… SOS & Father's Day 290 SOS & Father's Day 320 Sweet Coleman… SOS & Father's Day 334 SOS & Father's Day 335 SOS & Father's Day 340

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