Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father’s Day 2009

SOS & Father's Day 390 I love celebrating Father’s Day! I love getting to honor the man in my life that is such a good Daddy to our little man…and I love celebrating my Dad too! This year was pretty low key! Mammer and Slickpaw were in town…we got up early enough so that we could open gifts before church. Matt got pictures from us for the third year in a row. We weren’t going to do them this year, but when I told him that a few days before Father’s Day, he was obviously disappointed. So, I called Picture People and desperately begged for a last minute appointment. So, at 7:30 on Friday night, we were busy smiling for the camera! … And, Matt loved them…There were some of just Q and I that melted my heart…

SOS & Father's Day 366 IMG_0002IMG_0001





And, then there was one of Q pretending to be just like Daddy! (I’ll get a better picture of it on here soon!) He’s wearing his Daddy’s shirt and tie, playing with Daddy’s computer, and is surrounded by Two-Five shirts, business cards, an HSU mug with a Tazo tea bag inside, Skor bars, and Matt’s Moleskin. I was so pleased at how precious it turned out…and, it will be so perfect in Matt’s office…SOS & Father's Day 367 Then, after church, we headed to the mall to get Matt’s “big gift!”…cool new glasses! Doesn’t he look cute in them!?!?…SOS & Father's Day 368 SOS & Father's Day 385 SOS & Father's Day 386





SOS & Father's Day 387 SOS & Father's Day 388






While we waited for his glasses to be ready, we dined on a fabulous Cheesecake Factory lunch and laughed with our little guy! …Quinn was so sweet to his Daddy and Slickpaw all day…wishing them a Happy Fah-ver’s Day a bunch of times….but, Mommy got wished Happy Fah-ver’s Day a few times too! :) … SOS & Father's Day 383 SOS & Father's Day 371 SOS & Father's Day 372





SOS & Father's Day 373 SOS & Father's Day 376






SOS & Father's Day 379

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Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

What a wonderful Father's Day! I love that picture of Quinn pretending to be just like daddy. You have the most creative ideas for awesome pictures!