Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brittneythew Chapter Ten: Our First Ornament Exchange

A few days after we got back to Allen from our first Thanksgiving together, Matt and I decided that we were going to exchange Christmas ornaments. We wanted to make it a tradition. So, on Tuesday, December 3rd, after school, Matt called and asked me to come over to his apartment and to bring some tissue and a bag so that he could wrap his. (typical guy, right!?) So, I grabbed some, along with my wrapped ornament to him and walked to his apartment.

When I got there, there were candles lit and music playing. I was obviously taken back, because I remember him explaining that he wanted our first ornament exchange to be special.

I then sat on the couch while he went in his room to wrap my ornament. After a few seconds, he came in and kneeled on the floor next to me. He said that he wanted to open his first. I had gotten him a basketball ornament. It seemed pretty obvious but it was actually very symbolic …since Matt had made me a sports fan. Anyone who knew me, knew that accomplishing that was a miracle! :)

Then, it was time to open mine. When I took it out of the bag, I saw a simple purple ball. When I turned it to see what was on the other side, I saw a little rhinestone “P” staring back at me.IMG_0004 When I looked up from it, Matt was on one knee and was holding a little black box with a beautiful diamond ring inside.  As I’m sure I stopped breathing, Matt said, “Will you marry me?” After an “are you kidding me?,” I said “YESSS!!!” I gave him a big hug with tears in my eyes and wanted to turn on the light so that I could see my ring. It was beautiful and I could NOT have been more surprised. I love that my first “P” was on the ornament that he gave me when he asked me to be his wife. IMG_0005IMG_0008Within moments, we walked back to my apartment so that we could share the news! Now, I wish that I had cherished the moment with just him a little longer, but I was too excited to think straight. …I was in complete shock! I figured it would be soon that he would propose, but I still thought months away! I think Matt even surprised himself. He had just gotten the ring and, once he had it, couldn’t wait until his original date to propose. He had to think fast because he didn’t want me to suspect anything. He wanted it to be a complete surprise, and he succeeded!…Alli and Saleem (Alli’s friend from church) were the first to know! Then, I had to get on the phone to call my mom and dad! Here I am sharing the news with Mom on the phone! … She knew it was coming soon, but didn’t know when…so, she was surprised too! IMG  I couldn’t have been happier! I was on cloud 9 and couldn't stop tearing up! … And, in our excitement, Matt and I decided that we wanted to pack up and go to Abilene so that we could share our joy with my friends and family! …IMG_0002 So, after I packed a bag and changed out of my lovely teacher clothes into one of Alli’s cute sweaters, we went up to my school so that I could get my sub plans ready! I remember being so frazzled as I wrote to my sub about the reason I would be absent! I called my teaching team and told them the news..and they gladly said that they’d take care of everything I left out. … After a quick stop at Sonic to get a Grilled Cheese and a Diet Coke with Lime, we were on our way to Abilene… IMG_0003IMG_0001   We didn’t arrive in Abilene until midnight, but I couldn’t wait to share the news with my best friend. So, I called her and told her to come to the door. I’m sure she was thoroughly confused, but SO excited once she got to the door and heard our news! …{I don’t know why I’m making such a rediculous face in that picture?}…IMG_0006 Then, after our quick stop at the Thornton’s, we headed to my parent’s house to celebrate with them. There was a cake waiting that said “Congratulations Matt & Brittney” and some beautiful Christmas ornaments to add to our new collection. We were so tired, (Matt especially) but so excited to be engaged! IMG_0007  The next day, before heading back to Allen, we stopped and surprised Molly while she was teaching! It got more and more fun to tell people…and I never got tired of sharing the story! :) … IMG_0009 Then, on Friday, we headed to San Antonio to celebrate with Matt’s parents. We played on the River Walk and I enjoyed being on a little getaway with my fiancĂ©. IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012 I had dreamed of this moment for always and of the amazing way it would feel to have a ring on that finger! I couldn’t believe that I was engaged and that Matt Poe chooses me! We were going to get married…I was going to be a bride…and a wife…and have a husband! AHHHHHHHH!

So, let the wedding planning begin…and, thanks to Alli, I would be organized doing it…she got me the most perfect wedding planner for Christmas! …And, I couldn't wait to fill in all of the blanks! …IMG_0013Coming Soon:
Chapter Eleven: 8 months (minus a day)


Jennie said...

Tear! I love this story!

Shannon Boyer said...

Such a fun story to tell forever!

On a side note, can you please send me the link to the adorable pics you took of Quinn in the silver bath tub when he was little? I want to copy that idea, if you don't mind this afternoon!


The Rowe Crew said...

What a cute story!! I'm just loving reading these :o)

Chelsi said...

What a sweet story! You are a great writer! I love to read your stories!