Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ThePoeFam Rewind {& Fast-forward}

SOS & Father's Day 132Lots of COOL posts are about to come your way…we’ve been super busy with lots of exciting things…and we’re not slowing down. Here’s what all of you avid blog readers have to look forward to! :) …

Here’s some that are all ready for you to read!!!…

S.O.S. (Saturday of Service)

Father’s Day 2009

Welcome Baby Michael Dean DePalermo

Here are some that are coming soon!!!…

Matt’s 32nd Birthday

Kaylynn’s Wedding Day

ThePoeFam’s Open House

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mary said...

I just got caught up with you - your family has a very fun, sweet life and I love peeking in on it. A late Happy Father's Day to Matt. Looks like he's doing an alright job!!! ;)