Friday, June 26, 2009

Daddy is Thirty-Two!!!

We celebrated Daddy’s 32nd birthday in style…here are a few things to help us remember the big THREE-TWO!!!…

1. Matt woke up early and went to PT. A little birdie might have called and reminded the physical therapists that it was Matt’s birthday! And, they might have locked him out of the office until they got to hang some signs! What a fun start to a birthday!

2. When Matt got home, he was greeted with the most excited little 2 year old…”Happy Birthday, Daddy!”

3.We had orange rolls and some decorations waiting for him! :) His favorite…and Q and I loved it too! :) Daddy's 32nd 003 4. After breakfast, Matt got to open “just one” gift! (Q likes to hold up his finger and say “just one!”) …And, he got this cool book! He loved it! Daddy's 32nd 005 Daddy's 32nd 006 5. Daddy had to go to work for a little while…but he got lots of Happy Birthday phone calls from us, family and friends.

6. When Matt came home, he got more Happy Birthday love from a sweet little guy!

7. Then, we got to give him the rest of his presents…one was a full basket of things that had special meaning. I put notes on each thing…one for how Quinn interpreted the meaning of the gift, and one was how I interpreted it! His favorite was his “Special Buddies” cereal. (like the Rob & Big episode…so funny!) Daddy's 32nd 014 8. Another gift was his framed “TGTBT!” (too good to be true…our thing that we’ve always said!) … Each letter is from a place of significance…

T:our first apartment in Allen; G: the light on the outside of our first house; T: from the church where we got married; B: from the sign at the park where we had our first date in Abilene; T: from the baby bed at the hospital where Quinn was born…

He loved it and it will be the perfect start to his office that we’re going to re-decorate for his birthday! :) 9Daddy's 32nd 0179. After opening gifts, we went to the outlet mall to do a little shopping (and ice cream eating) with birthday money. He got lots of great things…and Q loved being with his Daddy on his birthday! Daddy's 32nd Lil Camera 002 10. We came home, freshened up and headed out to eat Hibachi/Sushi with just a few of Matt’s closest friends! … It was yum…and, remembering that Q isn’t a fan of hibachi restaurants, I brought LOTS of stuff to entertain him! :) (smart mamma!) …

11. After dinner, Matt had a great rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung to him…complete with drums!!!…it was classic!!!…and the birthday boy danced his heart out! :) Daddy's 32nd Lil Camera 005

Daddy's 32nd Lil Camera 006

12. We smiled for the camera…it was fun to have a few dear friends there to celebrate!

Daddy's 32nd Lil Camera 007

13. While we were waiting for the check, Q had a BLAST with his chopsticks drumsticks! He gave yet another birthday shout out to his Daddy…just watch! :) …Daddy's 32nd Lil Camera 008

14. After dinner, we all came back to our house and got ready to eat this…I made it! :) …Daddy's 32nd 018Daddy's 32nd 021

15. Then, Matt and his little guy blew out the candles together! Q had been anxious to blow them out (and EAT THE CAKE!) all day! He couldn’t wait to help his Daddy!!!…

Daddy's 32nd 025Daddy's 32nd 028

16. Then we ate…it was yum! (I’ll post the recipe on my Gacky’s Apron blog) … Q made a horrific mess but loved EVERY bite! And, the next day, I realized that I had forgotten all about the ice cream that was in the freezer! Oh well! …Daddy's 32nd 032

17. And, to end a great birthday, one of our sweet youth girls came over to put Q to bed and stay at our house while he slept so that we could go to a movie with lots of friends! :)…It was the birthday boy’s choice…

Transformers-2-1592…but, I must admit that I liked it! (minus TONS of fighting scenes!) And, Bumblebee is my favorite! …

It was a fun birthday and I am so thankful that I got to celebrate with my sweet husband! Happy 32nd Birthday, Matthew Poe! I love you! 

michael-jackson(10)P.S. Michael Jackson died today {Matt’s 32nd birthday} at age 50. We couldn’t believe it when we got the news this afternoon. …So, the rest of Matt’s birthday was filled with lots of tributes…and some good tunes to listen to! 

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