Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome Baby Michael Dean DePalermo

He’s here! I’m an Aunt! Matt is an Uncle! Quinn is a Cousin!!!!! We couldn’t be more excited! … At 2:45 on Monday morning, we got the phone call that Aunt Boogie’s water had broken! My heart skipped a beat! I couldn’t believe it!!! So, we tried to go back to sleep {I did for a while…Matt didn’t} before we got up early to get out the door to head to meet our sweet little nephew! … So, at about 7:00, we were ready to go…bags packed, toys loaded! And, we drove…knowing that we’d make it in plenty of time! … But, oh how we were wrong. When Bethanie got to the hospital, she was a 3…and was progressing slowly…so they gave her some potocin. And, within 30ish minutes, she was at a 9 and ready to push! We got the phone call and immediately prayed for her and that sweet baby! (and for Daddy, too!) … She had no time for an epidural, might I add! … So, after about 40 minutes of pushing, our newest family member entered the world! …

Meet Michael Dean DePalermo! Copy of Sweet Baby Michael 052 Born at 9:20 AM on Monday, June 22nd, 2009! He weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 inches long! … Sweet Baby Michael 106 He was here!!! And we started to drive a little faster! Quinn would scream, “BABY MICHAEL’S HERE!!!” over and over in the car!!! We couldn’t wait to meet him! We go to the hospital in Austin by about 11 and immediately got to see him through the nursery window! He was perfect…a full head of dark hair…and a nice set of lungs! :) Quinn thought he was pretty special! But, when he saw that Michael had his fingers in his mouth, he said, “Baby Michael got his fingers in his mouth. No no! That yucky!!! They’re dirty!” Sweet Baby Michael 004 After some time, we got to go back and see Boogie! I think she was still in a bit of shock, bless her heart, and was dying to get her baby back! Sweet Baby Michael 021 Sweet Baby Michael 014 Sweet Baby Michael 015 Sweet Baby Michael 016







It wasn’t long, and she had her wish! The sweet little man got passed around from family member to family member! We were so happy to meet him! … Sweet Baby Michael 074Sweet Baby Michael 023 Sweet Baby Michael 043

Sweet Baby Michael 038Sweet Baby Michael 066 





Sweet Baby Michael 048Sweet Baby Michael 055  Sharing his trains already…Sweet Baby Michael 067 Sweet Baby Michael 071Sweet Baby Michael 079 Sweet Baby Michael 080I must add that over the course of the two days, Q was a bone-e-fied TOOT! I mean…T-O-O-T!!! Granted, he didn’t have naps and his spotlight was totally being stollen, but STILL! WEAR ME OUT! … Watch this video if you don’t believe me!….

We ended up staying at the {classiest} little motel establishment in Austin! We had two double beds and moved one to the floor for Q to sleep on. I ended up sleeping with him…not on purpose, but I fell asleep while I was helping him fall asleep and never woke up! :) It was actually really sweet to be able to sleep with my little man! He did so good…slept all night! …With his new “noisy Thomas” in hand most of the time! :) …  Sweet Baby Michael 081 Sweet Baby Michael 084Quinn’s Texas waffle from the motel…pretty cool! …  Sweet Baby Michael 087 After getting ready, we went back up to the hospital and had more visits from that TOOT! … We waited in the hall quite a bit while Boogie was nursing Michael! …

Sweet Baby Michael 093 Sweet Baby Michael 094

When we got to spend some time with Baby Michael, my little Toot was bribed with candy to take these pictures…ANNOYING! I just knew he’d be all about kissing and loving on the baby…Wrong-o! Oh well!

Sweet Baby Michael 110Sweet Baby Michael 104 Sweet Baby Michael 101 But, then, after a yummy hospital lunch, we went back up to the room, and my little TOOT turned into a sweet little Angel! He was ALL about his sweet little cousin! >>>Just look!!!…Sweet Baby Michael 111 Sweet Baby Michael 113 Sweet Baby Michael 116 Sweet Baby Michael 121 Copy of Sweet Baby Michael 121Sweet Baby Michael 107 Sweet Baby Michael 124Sweet Baby Michael 096 Sweet Baby Michael 098 Peace, Dude!>>>>Sweet Baby Michael 089  Sweet Baby Michael,
Welcome to this world! We are so excited that you are here and love you so much already! You are beautiful and we know that you are going to be such a special little guy. Know that we are always going to be praying for you and that we will always be here for you!  We look forward to watching you grow up and can’t wait until the next time we see you.

Happy Birthday, precious little man!

Uncle Matt Matt, Aunt Bitt Bitt and Big Cousin Quinn


Laura said...

How precious! I love the pic of all the guys. Look out when one of you has a baby girl! Tell Bethanie and the Poes congrats!

kristin fulghum said...

so precious! that little baby is a cutie and his momma sure doesn't look like she just gave birth!

Rains Family said...

I was cracking up at that video! I have a STINK that is the same age and acts the same way! You just have to laugh, they are pretty funny little people. Thanks for the giggle- I feel your pain (o: