Thursday, May 21, 2009

Puppy Day: Our May Fun Day

When Quinn started talking about our monthly fun days, I knew that it was time to plan another one. He would say…”Member bug day, momma? That be fun!” So…I got busy…and today we had Puppy Day!!! It was so fun and such a perfect theme for us since we have 2 puppies of our own! :)

The day started with some reading. Q loved choosing from the fun puppy books that I had for him! 1st half Puppy Day 001 Then it was time for “beh-pest!” Q was hungry and had a hard time being patient while his bones cooked. (recipe here…but I sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar before I baked them!) But, I think it was worth the wait! He enjoyed them, and when I asked him what his puppy bowl said…he pointed at it from left to right and said, “puppy day!” in a very matter of fact tone. Good try! :) 1st half Puppy Day 003 1st half Puppy Day 005 After that, we sorted real dog bones, painted with real dog bones (but I don’t think brown was the best choice…Q almost licked the bone a dozen times because it looked like chocolate!), and colored Kia! :) 1st half Puppy Day 007 1st half Puppy Day 008 1st half Puppy Day 009 While Quinn was painting and coloring, I made him some furry little dog ears so that he could pretend to be a puppy for our next little activity. We read this book…51MD52CPH6L__SL500_ (which has lots of directional prompts) and then headed to get Zoe’s cage. Then, I gave Q commands like…get inside the cage, get out of the cage, get on top of the cage, go behind the cage, walk/run around the cage and more! Quinn did such a great job and was so cute in his puppy ears. He then got his stuffed puppy, Tuffs, and wanted to do it some more! :)   1st half Puppy Day 012 1st half Puppy Day 0101st half Puppy Day 014 1st half Puppy Day 015After that, we painted our monthly little wooden circle (which didn’t turn out so great!?!?…When I asked Q what it looked like, he waited a while before he said, “a bird!?” Oh well!) and made some YUMMY puppy chow. Q helped me shake the bag! This took me back to making BUCKETFULLS of this for all of our guy friends in college! It’s OH SO GOOD! :)  Q agreed! 1st half Puppy Day 0162nd half Puppy Day 005 1st half Puppy Day 018 1st half Puppy Day 020

Then, we got dressed, loaded up the puppies and headed out for a little field trip! Since we had never taken the puppies to the dog park, we knew that today was the perfect day!!! When we got there, it was just us….and I was disappointed….but, it didn’t take long for lots of little four legged friends to show up! There were puppies of all shapes, colors and sizes! Kia & Krozby wore themselves out and Q LOVED it so much! He even informed me at one point that this certain little fluffy dog was “Quinn’s puppy!” Silly boy! I didn’t get a lot of pictures because I was busy with two crazy puppies and a 2 year old…but you get the idea! We’ll for sure go back many times!!! :) 1st half Puppy Day 021 1st half Puppy Day 022 1st half Puppy Day 024  1st half Puppy Day 0291st half Puppy Day 031 1st half Puppy Day 027 1st half Puppy Day 033 1st half Puppy Day 034 1st half Puppy Day 035Then, it was home to take a bath! The puppies were yucky and in desperate need of it after their fun outing! Q was a good helper and wanted to make sure that they had lots of his toys to play with! …1st half Puppy Day 037Then, appropriately enough…we read this cute book…15341890Can you believe we did all of that before lunch? … Lunch was yummy and fun, of course! >>>1st half Puppy Day 038Then, before nap, we read this book…0689868049_01__SCLZZZZZZZ_Q loved it SOOO much! He wanted to read it over and over…then, he “read” it to me! So precious! :) 1st half Puppy Day 039He watched a tiny bit of both of these movies, and was quickly ready to go to bed! …

           51b2DH7mPlL__SL500_AA240_ bolt-poster

After nap, we snacked on that yummy puppy chow and then I totally overestimated what my little guy could accomplish. …Ooops! I bought him scissors, thinking that I would be able to start teaching him to cut…but I couldn’t even get him to hold the scissors correctly! … Then, I just knew he would talk and talk to me about these puppy pictures so that we could fill in a Venn Diagram…but no such luck! He just wanted to color with the markers! Oh well…maybe next year! Give me an A++ for being ambitious, right!?!?

2nd half Puppy Day 0012nd half Puppy Day 006 

We had a hot dog dinner and enjoyed using our fun Kia & Krozby salt and pepper shakers that were recently given to us as a gift by a family friend! Aren’t they cute? 2nd half Puppy Day 004 2nd half Puppy Day 003

… The evening will end with this…It looks cute and I know Q will enjoy watching all of the puppies! hotel-for-dogs-poster What a hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog day we had!!! :)

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Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

That sounds like such a fun day. We might try to have a puppy day tomorrow. You come up with the cutest ideas ever!

Thanks for your comments about the program. I downloaded and just love it!