Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kickin’ Off Summer 2009

Michelle's Shower 034On Monday, we reunited with our playgroup friends to kick off the summer! It had been WAY too long since we had gotten to play with them and Meredith hosted the perfect outdoor bash! The boys *splashed* (or didn’t…my little man is not a fan of splashing) and played and slid and ate! It’s so cute to watch them start to interact in a different way and talk to one another! :)

Michelle's Shower 032 Michelle's Shower 035

Q and Landon stayed away from the splashers for the majority of the time. Q got his swim trunks wet and DID NOT like it! He said “off, Momma…they’re dirty!” So, he sported his fashionable diaper! …Here he and Landon are sharing a ball..sweet boys! …

Michelle's Shower 037

Michelle's Shower 038 Porter brought all of the boys a bag of sand and shells from his vacation. Porter’s mommy had the great idea to play with them in the bathtub…and we can’t wait! …Michelle's Shower 039 Then, since Tuesday was another hot day, Q and I headed out to the backyard to have some more summertime fun. We started with his Lightening McQueen sprinkler, but he wanted NOTHING to do with it! Getting wet and splashed was, once again, not his idea of fun! Once I turned it off, he looked at me, wiping his wet eyes, and said, “That not funny, Momma!” Sweet love…I don’t guess I can blame him…I don’t like water in my face either! … So, he enjoyed an orange popsicle instead! And, hated being cleaned off with the water hose after his treat. (I hope he’s different at the pool or it’s going to be a long and HOT summer!?!?!?) …

Michelle's Shower 041 Michelle's Shower 043 Michelle's Shower 044 Michelle's Shower 045

Michelle's Shower 049 Michelle's Shower 050

After he’d had enough, we came in, and he danced around in his birthday suit for a good while. Watching Thomas in the air conditioning might be his idea of a fun summer! :) … Michelle's Shower 052

Then, on Tuesday evening, the whole family headed outdoors to have some sidewalk chalk fun! It was a beautiful night and Q was such a hoot! Talking…dancing…”writing his name”…and so super excited to be outside! It was so fun!…Chalk 007 Chalk 009 Chalk 010 Chalk 011 Those yellow marks are Q writing his name!…

Chalk 012

Kia being the perfect watchdog! Such a good girl!…

Chalk 013Chalk 015

Happy & Carefree!!!….

Chalk 017

Pulling some weeds…he LOVES to do this…now we just need to teach him the difference between weeds and flowers!…

Chalk 018

Even though the “real” first day of Summer is more than a month away, I feel that it’s officially summertime at our house! So…Happy Summer!!!


Anonymous said...

such cute pictures! quinn is adorable! LOVE your new design!

Meredith said...

Oh how I'm so excited for summer!! My favorite season!!! It was so great seeing you guys!!!

Love your new layout - cute pictures of everyone!!!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

What a great kickoff to summer!

I have question for you. What program do you use to write your post and include all the pictures. Is it any faster than writing it in Blogger?