Saturday, May 23, 2009

Early morning cheerfulness can be extremely obnoxious. ~William Feather

…It can be obnoxious, but I must admit, I enjoy the mornings!!! It has never really been hard for me to get up…but, even when it is, I get cheerful pretty quickly. And, ever since Quinn came into our world, I love mornings even more! Here are a few things I loved about this morning…

*Matt was able to be home with us! He got his study materials together and went out in the backyard to study for a while.

*Matt made coffee…isn’t it always better when someone else makes it?

*While I made another round of Friendship Bread, (and the yummy smell filled our house) Q ran in and out from the backyard. It didn’t matter that he was in his jammies…and that the grass was a little damp…he was having a great time! But, he did need me to wipe the “weeds” off of his feet a few times! :)

*I got to get in another chapter of Twilight while Matt studied and Q played! I’m hooked!!!

*I got to see my husband read God’s word to my little man!

*And, I got to ooh and ahh over the pretty sunflowers that my husband surprised me with!

Morning 007 Morning 008 Morning 009 Morning 010 Morning 011 Morning 012 Morning 013Morning 015Why can’t every morning be like this?  Easy…fun…carefree…perfect! It was nice!

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Maude Lynn said...

That sounds like a truly lovely morning!