Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meredith Hope: Coming Soon!

On Sunday, during Life Group, we hosted a shower for Nick & Michelle to celebrate the upcoming birth of their 2nd girl….Meredith Hope! … All of the life group girls (& some guys) worked to make it a precious little shower. We laughed, ATE, played some super fun games (and I’m usually not a fan of shower games) and enjoyed being together! … We all can’t wait to meet Sweet Meredith in just a few short weeks!  Michelle's Shower 001                     Michelle's Shower 002 Michelle's Shower 006 Michelle's Shower 008

Matt even won the guy’s game…he was the fastest at taking off and putting on the diaper on the doll…while blindfolded, wearing socks on his hands, and balancing on one leg (he shattered his ACL, remember?) Pretty impressive! Such a good Daddy! …                          

                         Michelle's Shower 015 Michelle's Shower 017

Silly guys…I love that Nick (far left) has the teeny tiniest baby I’ve ever seen…and J.R. (green shirt in the middle) is holding TWO because he and his wife just found out that they are pregnant with TWINS!!!…And, don’t mind the rest of them…so inappropriate! :)

Michelle's Shower 020

The girls’ game was a bottle chugging contest. Speaking of inappropriate? I LOST miserably…I couldn’t stop laughing! … Michelle's Shower 021      Michelle's Shower 023  Michelle's Shower 025

The momma-to-be was VERY serious about this game…even though she came in 2nd place!!!…Michelle's Shower 024Michelle's Shower 027

Nick & Michelle, We can’t wait to hold that sweet little love very soon! But, we promise to wash our hands first! ;)

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Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Sounds like a fun shower. Does that table cloth have ribbons on it? Such a cool idea!