Sunday, February 08, 2009

Celebrating my Grandpas

Hey all...Quinn here...I have to take just a minute to brag on two of the most important men in my Slickpaw and my Pawpaw! This weekend, they both came in town to see me! And, while they were here, they took care of a few other things too!

I helped my Slickpaw celebrated his 59th birthday! Even though he had a yucky doctor's appointment on his special day, I got to spend the rest of the day celebrating, taking him to eat BBQ (his favorite), going out for ice cream, and giving him the coolest Slickpaw T-shirt that Daddy helped me make! It had all of our "inside jokes" on it so that he can cherish it for always! He really liked it and even wore it the next day!

Here he is doing his "ARGH!" pirate of our "inside jokes" that makes me laugh every time...

Then, on Sunday, my Pawpaw got to preach at my church. Our pastor is sick and they needed someone to fill in...and who better to do the job!? Even though I'm too little to be in the big service to hear him, while I was in my class I heard people talking about how good he was! I felt pretty proud that my Pawpaw was such a star!

So...thanks for letting me brag on my grandpas! I love them so and look forward to the next time that they have to come in town to see me!


campers said...

in the second pic...he looks sooo much like MAtt!

amy said...

in the second pic both Matt and Quinn look like "chips off the old block"
It is such a cute photo!

Jessica and Matt said...

So sweet. Happy late bday to your dad! And I would've loved to have heard Cliff preach!