Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nineteen Months Old

N ever been cuter- You are precious, little man...from your gorgeously long eyelashes to your stinky little toes! I am still amazed that God chose us to be your love you and raise you and teach you about Jesus. And, the way you make us smile is overwhelming...your humor and your wit at such a young age. We love how your love to look "cool" and always look down at yourself after you get dressed. You often parade around with a confidant little walk to show off your duds!
I nternational Traveler- OK, maybe not international...but we could have gone someplace REALLY far with all of the miles that we made in the car this month. We went to Abilene for Two-Five and then back the next weekend for Mommy's 10 year high school reunion and Daddy's HSU Homecoming! We traveled to Houston to visit Nana and Pawpaw and had to leave early to go to Abilene again for a funeral and some fun times with Grammer and Slickpaw. You were a very good traveler (except for the yucky sick part on the way back to our house from Abilene the last time) and loved watching your DVD's in the car. Slickpaw got you the car DVD player a few months back and it has saved our lives on love to watch BOZ and your beloved PraiseBaby movies the most. I think it's so sweet when you fall asleep and I love to turn around and look at you. But, I think it's safe to say that we'll be happy to stay put at least until Thanksgiving!
N oggin'- This month you started really loving to give us "noggin." Daddy started it with you months's when we touch foreheads and it's super sweet! You'll run up to us and say "noggin" and want to hop up to touch our forehead to yours. I think it might be our families special little thing!
E xceptional Memory- Your memory has really started to amaze us this month. You always start saying "home" when we make the first turn into our neighborhood and say "Daddy" over and over when we pull into the church parking lot. After any "major" event, if we ask you about it, you'll tell us all about it, who was there, what you did and more. (in one or two words segments, but you definitely know what you're talking about!) When you see your shredded wheat that Mimi got you started on, you'll always say "mmmm mmmm good," just like she did when she gave them to you for the first time. Every time you see a rocking chair, you sing the "rocky" song that Grammer taught you, and often when you see Nana, you'll fake cough because she used to do that to you to be silly. When we start walking towards the children's wing at church you start talking about your "riends" and when we pull into the grocery store parking lot, you start talking about the "horse" that's in the lobby. I hope you have your Daddy's memory...he remembers such details from his childhood and I pray that you do too!

T all & Skinny- Your doctor's visit told us that you are very tall and not too chunky for your age. You have seemed to shoot up and look more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby. It's a bittersweet thing, but since I love your fun personality so much, I can quickly move past it. When I see us in the mirror while I'm holding you, I'm always surprised at how long your legs hang...You're not so big in my eyes...but I'm sure that's how it will always be. You'll always be my little baby!
E xtra smart- People are ALWAYS telling us how smart you are and how you just know so much for your age...strangers, friends and the doc are extra impressed with your verbal skills and so are we. Daddy and I tried to write down your whole vocab this month, but stopped around 200 words! I know we missed a bunch but got tired of trying to remember them all! You are counting to 10 very well and love to say "6...7...8...9" when someone gives you a "five!" You are learning some of your letters...Q is your favorite, of course...but you've also gotten good at D, A, J and Z for some reason. You're starting to sing the ABC song and will sometimes fill in when I stop singing. You are getting better and better at your colors, even though you get them mixed up sometimes and, even though you have been taught lots of shapes, you only love to point out a circle. You'll say "round round" when you see one. You will sing "Jesus Loves Me" by singing "Jesus...Bible"...and some jibberish in between...regardless, we think it's beautiful! You are really good at doing your have one about colors, sports, animals and transportation. I'm always surprised when you put them where they go and you're so proud of yourself. I love watching you learn so very much!
E veryone is starting to feel special- Because you know so many people by name now! It's precious to see their priceless faces when you see them and say thier names...Mommy, Daddy, Kia, Robby (Krozby), Meemer (Grammer), Sss-Paw (Slickpaw), Zoe, PawPaw, NeeNa (Nana), Boogie (Bethanie), Brad, Mayme (Remy), Nanner (Tanner), Ackson (Jackson), Chapman, Reid, Cade, Oose (Cruse), Nannon (Shannon), Eyie (Ellie), Cold (Cole), Randy (Pastor Randy), Steve, Kassy (Kathy) and more! N on-stop playing- We love to watch you play. You love to run and spike your football and kick your soccer balls. I think it's the activity that keeps your occupied the longest...that and reading books. We hear "read it" dozens of times a day...and you love to plop down in our laps to read the many books you choose. Some hold your attention through the whole book and others do for just a few pages. You love to make a complete mess of your playroom and enjoy buidling with blocks in the living room. You play with your trucks and cars and make great noises to go with them while moving them around. You'll often play independently but really enjoy it when we are interacting with you...which I'm sure is typical for a first born!
You are such a joy! We love you deeply and love watching you grow and learn every day! We love your sweet attitude and the way that you're shy but then not shy at all! ;) It's an act, we're afraid! Thank you for being so precious and for making our house so much fun!
Your Mommy

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