Sunday, November 02, 2008

Glorious Time Change!

Flashback to 2006 and before: (my perspective) "Oh my goodness...I L-O-V-E daylight savings time. Whoever thought of it is pure genius! An extra hour of sleep!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! And, I love that it gets light sooner so that it's easier to get out of bed in the morning! But, the best part is that extra hour...amazing!!!!"
Flashback to this weekend: (Quinn's perspective) Pumpkin nap...Costume...Dance...Tootsie Roll...Snack...Halloween!!!! in the car...Canton? corn dogs...drinking 45 minute cat "Q"...driving...bye bye Grammer and
Flashback to last night (or maybe you could say to tonight...the one that still exists!!!..RIGHT NOW!!!): (my perspective)
New time (Old Time)
8:30 p.m. (9:30 p.m.)- I think I'm going to let him stay up later because of the time change. Anything to help him sleep later so that we can enjoy that extra glorious hour.
9:00 p.m. (10:00 p.m.)- He's EXHAUSTED! He's been such a good boy today! Precious little man is going to get such a great night's sleep! Rocking..singing...prayer...'may men!' Night night, precious boy! I love you so very much!
3:14 a.m. (4:14 a.m.)- Oh no...why is he awake? I'll just go in his room really fast and put his passy back in his mouth...
3:16 (4:16)- Oh good...back to sleep
3:17 (4:17)- I love our bed so much!!!
3:18 (4:18)- Seriously? He's crying again! I'll go rock him for a minute! What is the deal?
3:19-3:25 (4:19-4:25)- tired...good, his eyes are heavy! Does he not feel good?
3:25 (4:25)- Back in the crib...CRUD...he's not going to lay down! Great...he's crying...screaming! I'm just going to have to let him cry it out! I can't do this all night!
3:25-3:50 (4:25-4:50)- Why won't he fall asleep? He gets so close and then screams again! I don't care! I'm not going in there! He'll eventually go back to sleep, right? He hasn't done this in a long time!
3:50(4:50)- {Matt says that he's got to get sleep because he's preaching in the morn}...I could cuss! It's not his fault, but dang! I can't be strong and let him cry it out! I'll try one more time to go in there...third times a charm!
3:51 (4:51)- Are you kidding? He's standing up in bed now! I'll just give him his passy and lay him down and tickle his back! ...Ok, that's not going to work! He wants nothing to do with sleep! GOOD GRIEF!!!...
3:53 (4:53)- OK, FINE! I'll give him what he wants. I'll put him on the floor and see what he does! He can just go play! If he's not going to sleep and if I can't let him cry it out, I might as well!? ... Ok, he just wants to be held! {"HUCK! HUCK," he says} TOOT! He wont' even walk out of his room!
3:55 (4:55)- I hold him and ask him if he's hurting or if he doesn't feel good! He immediately points to his knees (where he fell and skinned them at Canton) and says "ouch!" Little stinker! He's playing me like a fiddle!
3:56 (4:56)- I GIVE UP! I'll just grab some blankets and lay on his floor with him. Surely he'll cuddle up with me and go to sleep for a little bit.
3:56-6:02 (4:56-7:02)- This is crazy! He's NOT tired! How can he survive on 5 hours of sleep! I CAN'T survive on 5 hours sleep! Seriously, I wish we had a camera on his with that time-lapsed feature! It would be hilarious! ... How can he go from my face to my feet back to my face and on my tummy in 20 seconds! He has pulled my hair a hundred times! I seriously don't think he could get any closer to me! Sweet kisses! He has said "mornin" 10 times, but it's NOT mornin! It's the middle of the night! What is he doing? This is insane! He is going to be a mess at church! I'm going to be a mess at church! He HAS to take a nap today so that I can! And, if he does this again tonight, FORGET IT! He WILL cry it out!
6:03 a.m. (7:03 a.m.)- I give up...let's just watch a Praise Baby and have breakfast! It really is morning now, I guess! Little toot!


Kimberly said...

Oh, boo hoo! I know all too well those kinds of nights.

Here's to a peaceful sleep tonight,

katy b said...

You don't know me, but I guess I am a "blog stalker."
Seriously though, I found your blog through Laura (Carter) Crawford's. (I went to college with her.)

Anyway, please don't think I am a wierdo, I am just addicted to a bunch of "mom" blogs! I have a 2 year old and I find it somewhat theraputic and reassuring to know that I am not the only one going through things like middle of the night wakings!

I also love all the pictures you take!

I hope it was just a one night thing for Quinn! Good luck!