Monday, November 03, 2008

Guess what!?!?

If I had this button, I would TOTALLY wear it for the next 9 months because it's TRUE! Matt's sister, Bethanie, and her husband, Derin, are going to have a baby in July...and I truly couldn't be more excited! When she called me on Saturday, I said "hello" and she said..."Hi, Aunt Brittney!" It took me about half of a second to get it and then I screamed!!!! They are going to be the best mommy and daddy and we're going to be the best aunt and uncle...if I do say so myself!'s to lots of fun phone conversations between now and July and lots of shopping for a new little bundle of joy that's going to be a part of our family very soon!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!
Quinn's Birthday: March 27, 2007

4th of July: 2007
4th of July: 2008


Jessica and Matt said...

SO SWEET!!! Congrats, Bethanie & Derin!!! They're such a sweet couple; I'm so happy for them! And yes--that sweet little baby will be plenty spoiled!

Laura said...

How exciting! Congrats Bethanie!

And congrats to you too, being an aunt is fun.

The Penuels said...

Congrats!! Being an aunt is super fun :) Call me soon girl...missing you!!

Kelly | Fabulous K said...

yay!! congrats! I bet Q will love being a cousin, too!

P.S. Love the voting pics! :)

the thorntons said...

Yay for Bethanie & Derin!! Quinn's gonna have a cousin! How fun. :)