Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday Night Lights

My 10 year reunion weekend kicked off Friday night at Shotwell Stadium...and I can't think of a more appropriate place!!! Sarah, Matt, Q and I headed to "Burgers & Fries" to get the traditional pre-game food and headed for the "Class of '98" tailgate. It wasn't a huge turnout at the RV marked tailgate party, but it was fun none-the-less. Quinn had the most fun being ALL BOY and getting filthy in the dirt and rocks. At one point he was literally picking up handfuls of rocks and putting them on his head. I loved oohing and gooing over sweet Caden, and Thompson and I had too much fun getting a picture of the boys in their CHS shirts! ... After mixing and mingling a bit, we headed over to the stadium to watch our now 4A Cooper Cougars (which is so crazy to us) win with style! (honestly, I don't know if they won with style, but they did win...who actually watches the game!?!?) It was very nostalgic...soaking in the sounds and smells of a game at Shotwell. We have so many wonderful memories at that place that will never be forgotten and I loved sharing them with my husband and baby boy!

P.S. Shotwell Stadium and the Cougars were in the movie, Friday Night Lights!

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