Monday, October 13, 2008

Just US!

After the game, we all headed to Thompson and Brent's house to be "just us!" (even though we're missing qutie a few) ... Is there anything wrong with being a little exclusive!? We had fun looking at scrapbooks and just being silly...our poor husbands didn't know what to think of us...Here's a tiny bio (and when we became friends) of the sweet girls in the picture...(top row first...left to right)

Leigh Ann (Hess) Booker- (Madison Middle School) crazy, hilarious, honest, our own personal hair stylist

Allyson "Mavy" (Maviroulis) Ocheskey- (1st grade?- our mammas taught together) voted "most attractive" at our Senior Prom, athelete, compassionate

Meredith (Hawley) Long- (at CHS...she was actually a year younger, but we always claimed her as our own!) sweet spirit, good listener, beautiful, married to Scott of "the guys"

Alison "Thompson" Camp- (MMS) faithful friend, loud, easy to "just be" with, married her high school sweetheart, Brent Camp

Molly (Carrigan) Abrigg- (Jackson Elementary School...but we really became good friends at MMS) loveable, keeps you laughing just because she's Molly, never met a stranger, dog lover, has THE LOVE STORY of all time and married her high school crush, Peter Abrigg

Cricket (Holt) Blake- (2nd grade class at Jackson) soccer star, never had an enemy, married her high school sweetheart, Nick Blake

Laura (Berg) Crowell- (3rd grade class at Jackson) dramatic :), makes it easy to pick up right where you left off, ambitious, fun

Andrea (Meacham) Schultz- (MMS) kind, a "true blonde" (in high school you, Andrea!), fun to be around

Brittney (Broyles) Poe- ME!!! I have to brag...ha!...I was voted "Best Dressed Girl" by my senior class! ... And, after looking back this past weekend, I'm not at all sure why!!! Bless my heart!

Sarah (Jones) Thornton- (infants at FBC Abilene) true friend, creative/perfectionist, our "smartest" friend...a.k.a. "Webster" (like the dictionary), voted "Most Likey to Fall at Graduation" by our senior class

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