Sunday, October 12, 2008

Better Hiding Place Needed!

So, we are exhausted! Last night, we got home around 1:15 from Abilene and were ready to hop right into bed...Q had a different idea and didn't go to sleep until 3:30. (Another confirmation that I'm not ready for another baby! HA!) Then, Matt was up at 7 to get ready for church and I got up soon after, because it just wasn't worth trying to sleep! ...Anyway, we went to church, lunch, came home and all napped and are feeling much better. ...

But, I must admit that I am lacking motivation. My house is a wreck, we still have lots of stuff in the car from the trip, and I just don't care. So, instead of doing things I needed to be doing tonight, I was working on uploading all of my fun pictures from the weekend as Q watched "bootball" and wandered around the house playing and having a great time! After a minute or so, I noticed that it had gotten very quiet and I called for answer. So, I gave it about 30 seconds, and called him I hear him jabbering. I asked him to come to see me and I hear him saying "Mommy" as he comes from our bedroom into the playroom. As I'm sitting at the computer, I see my sweet little man come through the door holding one of his Christmas gifts! (yes, we've started shopping!) I had found this particular gift on clearance at Ross last week and have always wanted him to have it! Last week, Q spotted it in my closet, but I quickly distracted him and took it harm done! I put it in a different place and knew that it would be safe...but I was wrong! He was a little disappointed when I wouldn't open it (see pics) but got over it in no time! He's sneaky...and I need a better hiding place!


Kelly | Fabulous K said...

what a 'lil stinker!! :)

hope you get your mojo back...but sometimes you just need lazy days!

The Penuels said...

Girl, you are on top of things!! So sad that he found your hiding place though!! Love you both!