Thursday, March 27, 2008

Twelve Months Old

My precious birthday boy,
You're ONE! It's hard to believe! The joy that you have brought is truly unexplainable...I would have never understood it 366 days ago! And, with each passing day of your short little life, I have grown to love and cherish you more. You, my dear child, are a true gift from God. One that I will never deserve and always be thankful for!
This month you obviously celebrated your first birthday!!! As you will soon understand, birthdays are a REALLY big deal in our family and yours was no exception. All of your grandparents came in town so that we could celebrate your special day...and we had such a good time. We spent lots of time getting ready for your big party too! We can't wait to celebrate many birthdays with you as you get older!
Though you're trying pretty hard, you're not quite walking. You stood by yourself for the first time this month and now stand for long periods of time. You have taken one step here and there, but quickly realize that plopping on your hands and knees makes things much easier and allows you to get places much quicker. You are pushing your Tonka truck all over the house, but don't want to let go quite yet. When you're ready, we'll be so excited...but, take your time. You have the rest of your life to walk!
You have become quite the little entertainer! You make people smile all of the time by just being silly and happy. You have started shaking your head back and forth and making silly faces. You KNOW that we think it's hilarious and will do it over and over again. You love to dance to music or to Slickpaw's Indian chant noises. You love to play peek-a-boo and now put things (like blankets, towels, or clothes) in front of your face and quickly take it away when we ask, "Where's Quinn?" It's so cute to see your open mouthed smile emerge from under the cover! Clapping, pointing, making Indian noises with the back of your hand, and talking are now CONSTANT occurrences. You always have something to show us or something to say. Your vocabulary has increased quite a bit this month as well...and people always tell us that you are very smart. You say "bah"(ball), "quack quack," "baaa" (in a whisper for a sheep sound) "oof oof" (for a puppy sound), "boon" (balloon), "buh buh" (bubbles), "caker" (cracker), and "onk onk" (for honk honk on your truck). You have also gotten really good at "mamma" and "dada!" There's no doubt that you know who we are and that we love for you to say our names!

We think that you might be developing a strong little opinion(I don't know WHERE you get that!? :) ) You will point to the things that you want (especially when we're eating) and don't stop pointing until you get it. You have recently grabbed my face and turned my head to look at something when I wouldn't turn it myself. You have discovered that you can drink from a straw and want a drink from ours EVERY TIME you see it. We have started not using straws so that we can enjoy our own drink. We bought you a cup with a straw, but it's just not the same. We also discovered that you DO NOT like the way grass feels on your hands. When you're outside, you'll start to crawl, realize that don't like the prickly feeling, and quickly hold your hands up as you sit back down. It's so funny to watch you!

Since you have 10 teeth (including 2 of your 1 year molars), you are quite the eater. You don't eat baby food anymore but LOVE our food. You've eaten things like Taco Bueno burritos, mac and cheese, rice, grilled cheese, Chick-Fil-A chiken and chicken salad, fish, asparagus, french fries, grilled chicken, and MORE! We are very thankful for our good eater and hope that it continues! You are nursing only one time a day now (at bedtime) but are loving your whole milk and water. When you get your cup, you'll drink and drink until you can't breathe...then you take a big gasp. Your eyes always get so watery and red! It scared us at first, but now we know that it's just what you do!

We have spent lots of time outside this month since the weather has been prettier. We've been to the park a few times, gone on walks, visited the real "quack quacks," and participated in two fun Easter Egg hunts. We celebrated Thompson and Baby Caden in Abilene this month and also celebrated Easter. I can't wait until you understand the true meaning of Easter and how awesome it is that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins but then rose from the dead! WOW! This month, Daddy and I went on our first real date since you have been here (silly, I know!) while you played and played with Grammer and Slickpaw. You loved your time alone with them and Daddy and I were glad to get away together for a few hours. Mrs. Margaret Webb was another babysitter you had while Daddy, Uncle Brad, Aunt Remy and I had a Two-Five meeting. You had so much fun with her too!

So, as I write my last letter for a while, and think about your first year on this earth, I am not at all sad! I am overjoyed that YOU, Quinn Davis Poe, are my son! I couldn't be more blessed and am constantly in awe of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making me so happy, for constantly reminding me of God's love, for bringing so much laughter to our home, for snuggling with us, for smiling when we walk into the room, and for being the picture of innocence. You have taught us so much and we can't wait to learn more from you each and everyday!

Happy, Happy First Birthday, Little Booger Bear!
Your Momma

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