Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nose to Nose?

Many of you know that my Dad and I have a tradition of touching noses on my birthday. He touched his nose to mine on the day I was born, and we have continued it for 28 years.

So, it was only fitting that, if we had a boy, I would take the nose picture...and, if we had a girl, Matt would take the nose picture! ... So, on Quinn's birthday last year, I proudly took the first nose picture!!! It was so sweet!!!

After presents on Q's birthday, I was ready for Dad to take the 2nd nose picture...and, it was NOTHING like I expected. Quinn was so, there, and EVERYWHERE! Touching his nose to mine was not on his birthday agenda. So, Dad got smart and I put some banana in my enticed him enough to get a good enough nose picture!!! Oh is what it is! What a fun memory with my little toot!!!

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