Sunday, April 23, 2006


I love my friends!

Molly sharing her sweet heart!

The girls that won the fish at the end of the weekend! They were SO excited!

Kaylynn and Stacy...precious girls!

What an amazing weekend! For a while I have been working to put together our "Known" girls' conference. It has been so much fun planning the way it would look and who would be involved. With prayer, I ended up asking Sharee, Kori, Molly, and Carol (our children's 'minister' @ our church) to speak...and Jessica to sing ("The Purest Place" by Watermark). They were all so dynmaic and the girls won't stop talking about them all! The weekend focused on "What are you known for?" and how Godly women are "known" for four things....
1. What they "flee from"
2. What they are "faithful to"
3. What they "follow after" and
4. What they "stand for"
With differnet approaches, the ladies that spoke opened their hearts and really taught the girls about being a woman of God. I couldn't have been more proud to call them my friends and am so thankful that they took the time out of their crazy lives to share with our girls. ... Now, I'm tired...but so glad that I took the time to plan and be a part of this weekend. I'm ready to start planning the next one!!!!

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