Sunday, August 09, 2015

{Camp Move 2015}

I move on toward the goal to win the prize. God has appointed me to win it. The heavenly prize is Christ Jesus himself.
Philippians 3:14

VBS week is always one of my favorites of the summer. This year, it was a total family affair and we all had a wonderful time! Because I was teaching 2nd grade Bible Study, Nash and Bliss got to be in their own class…and how fun that I got to have Quinn in my class for a part of each day. This is one of those weeks that makes me extra thankful for our church and the teaching that our kids get through our wonderful children’s ministry.
Take a peek into CAMP Move 2015: 690023025661
The cutest hype man I ever did see…the kids LOVVVVVEEED him…and call him “Crazy Cat Matt…”028021Heather and I taught 3, 2nd grade Bible Study classes each day. It was super fun…and crazy…took me back to my teaching days, for sure…032031033
We really focused on the verse each day…and I can be fairly certain that it’s one they’ll have hidden in their hearts for always! They also got tattoos each day to remind them of the truth from that day. Obviously a big hit with all 2nd graders…
Even though I didn’t get to be in the Preschool classes this year, I had some spies taking pics for me…Cute boy…673044
Having Quinn in my class was my favorite part of each day. So special to be a part of this week with him. And, the way he’d light up when he’d see me was pretty stinkin’ priceless…046054
Instead of traditional VBS Rec, the kids had water rec each day! How fun is that? And, since the preschoolers couldn't participate in water rec, we stayed after one day and let him play. Such a blast...
Our Mission Emphasis this week was for our sweet friends, the Key Family. They'll be headed to become full-time missionaries in Ethiopia in January. I’m so thankful to know them…055056074
One thing the kids from this week will probably never forget is the crazy MONKEY dance. Mercy me, my husband is loony…
Here is Bliss’ reaction to watching her Daddy on stage at Family Fun Night…
Food trucks, water slides, bubble pits and more! Family Fun night was great!…076077079081083084091093094095100107108
Some sweet friends that I loved spending time with this week…685Oh this boy…I adore him…and I’m so thankful that he still adores me back…692
And this guy! For so many reasons, I was reminded this week of how blessed I am by him! Being a minister’s wife may be busy and frustrating at times, but it’s blessings far outweigh the rest. Thankful to have served at Move with him and that our family MOVED closer to our God this week. 687

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