Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Poe Dudes Play Soccer: Spring 2015

This Spring, both of ThePoeDudes played in an indoor soccer league. At first, it was just Nash… but after his first game, Quinn decided that he wanted to play too. By the grace of God, both games were on the same night…back to back! And, the practices were right before the game. A Mommas dram come true!!! Nash is our go-getter, so we weren’t surprised that he worked hard and scored lots of goals over the course of his 8 game season. But, Quinn surprised us! We weren't sure how he’d do or if he’d enjoy it…but, we were so proud of him for working hard and showing so much hustle! He did great and loved it! Nash’s league didn’t keep score…and, sadly, Quinn’s team didn’t pull out a win all season…but we loved cheering on our guys! IMG_5905IMG_5907IMG_5910IMG_5911IMG_5913IMG_5918IMG_5919IMG_6122IMG_6124
Nash was so proud of his two goals this game…IMG_6125

Quinn’s first game…nervous excitement!…IMG_6129IMG_6131IMG_6132IMG_6134IMG_6135IMG_6137

We’d camp out for almost three hours for the 8 weeks they played…899
Proud little sister…967

Last games…

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