Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Happiest Place on Earth…with the Happiest Girl on Earth! {Disneyland 2015}

I don’t know if you knew it, but we have a REAL LIVE princess that lives at our house. Sure, she’s in the form of a baby girl, but she’s a princess in the eyes of the 3 boys and Momma that live with her. 657{This too cute for words onesie can be made into a shirt of any size at www.etsy.com/shop/CarneyCreationsByA …You must order one for the princess in your life today!!!}659663So, you can’t blame us that Disneyland was on our mind when we found out we were going to be less than 20 minutes away. We didn’t know how in the world we’d break the news to two little boys that we were going to Disneyland without them…but we couldn’t wait to introduce our real, live princess to the princesses at Disney.

When we woke up on Saturday the 18th (just a week and a day before this girly’s first birthday), I think we were all a bit giddy! We facetimed the boys to “break” the news, and they truly couldn’t have been sweeter. They were so excited that Bliss was going to meet Cinderella and quickly told us what Sussy to bring them! What amazing brothers this girl has! 

In true Disney fashion, they must have sprinkled magic dust on us as we drove through the gates…because this girl was beside herself on the trolley ride into the park.

IMG_6373 - CopyIMG_6376 - CopyIMG_6381 - Copy
And, then, we were there!!! Hello Disneyland!!!IMG_6382 - Copy
As soon as we walked in, Snow White was there to greet us. Bliss loved her…IMG_6384 - CopyIMG_6385 - Copy
We had such a wonderful day exploring “The Happiest Place on Earth” with our baby girl. The castle is tiny…and the park isn’t quite as impressive as Disney World, but there was something nostalgic and wonderful about it. We crammed everything that we could into our magical day at Disneyland. 1374IMG_6388 - CopyIMG_6391 - CopyIMG_6392 - CopyIMG_6393 - CopyIMG_6395 - CopyIMG_6396 - CopyIMG_6397 - Copy

Hey eyes sparkled all day long. IMG_6410IMG_6411IMG_6414IMG_6416IMG_6420IMG_6422
Bliss loved the fairies. She even tried to go to Silvermist.
And Tinkerbell stole her heart from the second she saw her. It was so sweet. She even said she loved Bliss’ “big pixie dust” (sparkle buttons) on her dress. Such a priceless memory! 13751376IMG_6434IMG_6435
It’s a Small World was dreamy, as always. Bliss was in awe and “oohed” at every turn. It was darling! 309310IMG_6438IMG_6445IMG_6440T

This was the face the whole time! Sweetness. IMG_6446

After a little snack, it was on to Minnie’s house.
Bliss wasn’t sure about Minnie, but she didn’t cry. IMG_6465IMG_6467IMG_6468137731213781380
She was ready to go all day long.
Meeting one of Daddy’s favorites…
Sleepy little Minnie…
Because she was woken from the above slumber to meet Cinderella and Belle, she wasn’t the most enthused…but I like to pretend it was because she was in awe! IMG_6483IMG_6486IMG_6491IMG_6494IMG_6499316IMG_6502IMG_6505IMG_6508
I’d say her favorite rides of the day were Small World and Nemo’s Submarine! She loved it so much and would go from my window to Daddy’s window to see all that she could and point at it all. It was pretty stinkin’ cute!

Near the end of our day, we stopped at the famous Silhouette Studio to have her silhouette cut. I’m amazed at how perfect it turned out! Such a sweet keepsake!
Then it was sussy time. We got the boys their requests and Daddy couldn't resist buying Bliss this darling Minnie that she chose. She obviously loved her. IMG_6518
On our way out, we got to meet the one and only, Mickey Mouse and then said goodbye to our wonderful day at Disneyland. What a priceless and precious day with our Bliss Priss! IMG_65223325143483_9b9df30449_b

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What a wonderful day! It was obvious how much Bliss enjoyed it!