Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Quinn Davis Poe: Eight

My beautiful, 8 year old boy,

Somehow I blinked and you went from 7 lbs. 14 oz. to THIS! It’s hard to believe…and, when I look at you, I’m still in disbelief that you’re mine. It may even be more shocking than when you were tiny…that all of those lanky limbs and scraggly teeth…all of that goofiness and humor…all of that whit and all of those questions…started with you in my belly and into my arms. It brings me such joy to look at you…and to watch you grow into being Quinn Davis Poe more and more everyday.

IMG_6066IMG_6067I do feel like 8 is a funny age…stuck between being a little guy and a big guy. (that, thankfully, leans toward the little guy most of the time!) You still love to play and will be entertained by toys and Legos for long amounts of time. But, your favorite form of entertainment is the WiiU, your IPod, your DS or a list of favorite shows. You enjoy your technology…and it always spurs on such incredible, imaginative play. You and Nash (and your buddies at recess) have epic battles using the things you play in your video games or see in your shows. It’s one of those things that keeps you little and I’m thankful! IMG_6069IMG_6070You’ve become more of a “sports guy!” You really are interested in golf and want to get back into taking lessons …and you did awesome in your first season of soccer since you were little bitty. You also really enjoy swimming…maybe we’ll try competitive swimming next summer. You’re finally starting to show an interest in wanting to ride your bike…you just haven’t cared one bit up until now. IMG_6071IMG_6073We are so thankful that you love school and have had a great 2nd grade year. You have really excelled and even tested into the GT program. You worked super hard on a 10 week “Party Plan” project and loved every minute. Every day when I pick you up from school, you say your day was “great” and quickly tell me something wonderful that happened. You had a few times where disciple was necessary at school due to being “off task” or “chatty.” I’d say you come by it naturally! {I did get sent into the hall in high school for taking too much!…and Daddy is just about as social as they come!} You can easily get into your own world and not hear certain instructions at home and at school…IMG_6075IMG_6076On that note, you would LOVE if I’d let you Google. But, thankfully, you understand that we’re protecting you by not allowing you to do it alone. Daily, we hear, “will you Google something for me?” …And it's always a random fact or a picture of something. I have a feeling you may need to be on a game show due to all of your little fun facts. We have to be super carefully what we let you watch or listen to…because you process EVERY word. Thankfully, you’d still prefer to read your Power Bibles at bedtime and feel that it helps you sleep! You have SO much precious Bible knowledge because of those and we’re so in awe! IMG_6077IMG_6078We adore you…most people do! You’re smart. You’re compassionate and such a good friend. Your favorite color is still yellow. You would choose McDonald’s or Chick Fil A or Smash Burger for a meal…and you love Ramen Noodles at home…or PB and J. You love broccoli with soy sauce and Daddy’s cinnamon toast. I think you’d live on sweets alone if we’d let you. You don’t enjoy shopping..unless it’s for toys, of course. You want to be home more than anywhere else. You still prefer baths over showers. You have to have your back tickled every night…and you and Nash sleep together in a double bed in your cool Baylor room. You’re “getting over your fears” you say but still sleep completely under your covers. You hate haircuts. You love dates with Momma. Your laugh is contagious. You’re learning sarcasm and recently used “air quotes” for the first time! IMG_6079IMG_6081IMG_6082IMG_6084

Overall, I’d say that I’m the lucky one. I get to be your Momma and get a front row seat to watching you grow. Thank you for loving me back…for always being quick to apologize (you get that from your Daddy)…for still holding my hand…and for giving me so very much to be thankful for.

Happy 8th Birthday, Quinn Davis Poe!
I love you,

IMG_6085Q’s 8 year old stats:
Height: 4 ft. 4 in. (75%)
Weight: 55 lbs. (25-50%)
BMI: 10th percentile

A little flashback…
IMG_6075Q is 6!!! 010_thumb[1]3 months and 3_5 years 050car seat, 12 month pics, etc 0305 months 016Copy of one month 057

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