Monday, June 22, 2015

Goodbye 2nd Grade//Hello Summer

As a kid, a teacher and a Momma, the end of the school year is my favorite! It’s so exciting and full of FUN! The hard work from the year has paid off and lots of memories are made.
Quinn had a truly amazing second grade year…and the end of the year made it even better. Take a peek at our end of Second Grade wrap up!

May Fun Day fun…the whole PoeFam got to be there to play and celebrate.
I was beyond impressed with how they did learning at the end of the year. The whole room was transformed into Camp Learn-a-Lot. They had a different learning theme each day (dinosaurs, pirates, etc.) and all of the activities were completed in tents with their team. It was so precious and Quinn so looked forward to each day!
Yearbooks…always so fun to find yourself all throughout the book…1626
2nd grade Awards Ceremony. So proud of our A student!…
Last day of school Pizza Party. Bliss was the star of the show…
These teachers were precious this year. An answer to prayer!!!
{Mrs. Moss &  Mrs. Shaw}
My boy is growing against my wishes…1656
An after school swim party at our house…017019020023026027028030032033034
The boys were looking forward to their Summer Kick-Off Breakfast…complete with everything they’d chosen off of the menu, Bingo and prizes!…
They had specifically requested that Momma cross-stitch them something since I had done Bliss a Tinkerbell. Q wanted Iron Man and Nash wanted Rocket Raccoon…so I put them on bookmarks and they won them (along with new books) for their Bingo prizes.
Summer has officially begun at our house and I couldn’t be happier to have all of my loves all to myself for the next three months!

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