Saturday, May 09, 2015

Eight is GR8!!!

The lead up to birthdays is hard for me. I start getting emotional…sentimental…the whole nine yards! And, this year, we added The Birthday Blessing to our birthday countdown and it made me a blubbering mess at times. You must check it out…Quinn loved our special time together and Nash is already talking about when we’ll get to do it before his birthday.
Then, on March 27th, my big boy woke up bigger…EIGHT!!! That’s big, isn’t it? Regardless of if it’s big or small, it’s GR8…and we all couldn’t wait to celebrate!!! IMG_1892IMG_5923IMG_5924
He loved his bday décor…and, Matt told him that we got him a diaper for his birthday! Apparently, the whole description of why was hilarious! Boys will be boys! IMG_5927
Before school, my impatient, doesn’t love surprises guy couldn’t wait and HAD to open some gifts! He got a Lego set he was really wanting, so it was already a great day!
Then, thanks to a bad weather day back in February, Quinn’s zoo field trip for his 2nd grade class was rescheduled for his birthday! What fun!!! We were all so excited to celebrate with him all day at the zoo. As a second grader, I’m not sure what’s better than a field trip on your birthday! Gosh I love this boy…IMG_5949
ThePoeFam and Mammer & Slickpaw were able to tag along at the Houston Zoo and had an absolute blast! It was a beautiful day…
For the second year in a row, Q chose Zebra cakes for his bday treat…but, this year it was an appropriate zoo snack. And, he gave little goody bags to his friends, too…
So happy that these two were able to come along. They made the day even more fun…IMG_6020IMG_6022
After being home to play for a little, it was time to get ready for dinner and more presents. But not before our annual nose picture! I asked him if he was tired of taking this picture yet…and, thankfully, he said he wasn’t. IMG_6027IMG_6044IMG_6038IMG_6045IMG_6046IMG_6052
When Nana & Pawpaw arrived, Q opened some more gifts…Wii U Party was one of his fave gifts from Mammer & Slickpaw and Apple TV was sure a hit from Nana & Pawpaw…IMG_6055IMG_6057
This was my favorite gift we gave him. Coupons to redeem later…image1
He chose Smash Burger for dinner…and got a free PB & J Shake since it was his special day! Then it was home for more sweets…and the rest of the gifts!
It was a wonderful day. I’m pretty sure I enjoy my kids’ birthdays as much as they do and am so thankful that this boy has been mine for eight years! He’s something special! Happy Birthday, Quinn Davis Poe!

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