Monday, May 04, 2015

Bliss Mabry Poe: 11 months Old

Oh baby girl…
Busy doesn’t begin to describe it!!! So, instead of pretending that I’m writing this at your 11 month birthday, I’m going to skip this one and get busy working on the other 15 blog posts that I need to work on to sum up the amazingness that was your 11th month! How I love you!!!


Some 11 months highlights:
You love your wubbanub. You’re a VERY loud talker…especially at mealtime. Your kisses have turned to bites at times and you’ve gotten super duper sad when we tell you “no.” You’ve gotten to be super squirmy when you nurse 2 to 3 times a day. Mommy was sick some this month and had some yucky dental work. You happily were in tow for Quinn’s Barnyard Moosical, doctor appointments for Mommy, a Dynamo game with Mommy & Daddy, helping re-do the boy’s room, soccer games and more! You will answer when we ask you what a puppy says. You’ve become quite the sleeper…sometimes 10 a.m. or later! You had your first swim of the year…and loved it! Thankfully, you like squeezy baby food/apple sauce now…makes our mornings much easier. You have 5 pretty teeth. You're a JOY…seriously!

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