Friday, May 29, 2015

{12 months of Bliss Mabry Poe}

How does it happen in a blink and feel like forever at the same time? Regardless of the strange complexity of time, it happened before my eyes. My sweet Sister Sue went from a tiny, flailing newborn to a not-so-tiny {but still pretty itty bitty} cake eating big girl. Take a look at my waltz down memory lane. 

 A little then and now...
 On my Gackey’s dresser…same bow, same diaper cover…
And, the AMAZING Chelle Cates Photography did it AGAIN! She captured my birthday girl so preciously perfect! And gave her a yummy first birthday cake! {P.S. Chelle just opened a new studio and it’s amazing! You need to contact her and get on the books ASAP!!!}


 And, one more sweet flashback…because, this crown (and the girly wearing it) will forever melt me! Let’s go ahead and fast-forward to senior pictures and CRY at the thought!!!

 I can’t say that I missed a minute. Or that I didn’t soak up every memory! I did…and I’ll forever be thankful!

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