Monday, December 08, 2014

The Big Guy…The Sweetest Friends…The Greatest Time…

“There is magic in long-distance friendships.They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.” ~Diana Cortes

This past weekend, we took Q out of school on Thursday afternoon to head to Big D. When we moved away, I decided that we’d always have to make the trip back at this time of year to see the REAL Santa. Considering he’s the only one we’d ever seen, it was silly important to me. But, on top of that, it gave us a great excuse to see other friends and to eat some Bueno!

After loading up the Swaggon with excited travelers, we headed to our old home and got there just in time to meet the Ross’ and get to Santa for our appointment. (Yep…appointment! He’s so great that you see him “by appointment only!”) We gave them our name in went right in!!! Fabulous!

And, he was just as great as ever. So sweet to the boys and so lovey to Bliss. As always, I’m a little starstruck. As much as I love it, the boys seemed to be indifferent this year. Nash said it wasn’t that fun because we didn’t get to talk to him very long. And Q acted super awkward…I don’t think he was sure what to do. It was actually pretty comical. But, it made for a sweet memory for me…and I love the darling pics that were captured.

{excuse the blurry pics of pics…}
2013-08-30 001 371
{This girl seemed to eat up the attention…I wasn’t sure how she’d react…but she loved The Big Guy!…}2013-08-30 001 373Dec 7 2014 019Dec 7 2014 021Dec 7 2014 022Dec 7 2014 024Dec 7 2014 031Dec 7 2014 032
{Awesome Photo Bomb…can you tell he’s proud?…}Dec 7 2014 033Dec 7 2014 035
Then, it was off to dinner for Cruser’s bday. His choice or Durkin’s Pizza…YUM…2013-08-30 001 3742013-08-30 001 376

After dinner, we headed to my sweet college RMY’s house to play and spend the night. What precious times that happen too infrequently. We stayed up way too late and laughed just like always. How I adore her.

On Friday morning, she kept the boys so that I could go to Kami!!! Praise Jesus for salon days!!!…2013-08-30 001 3782013-08-30 001 380

I got this report while we were at the salon… little loves…
2013-08-30 001 3772013-08-30 001 382

Bliss and I picked up Bueno and headed back to Sharee’s for lunch and a little more play time. 2013-08-30 001 3832013-08-30 001 3842013-08-30 001 385
We sat back in awe of the fact that we have SIX CHILDREN!!! Mercy me! They had a great time together, too. Made me wish that we lived closer to raise our littles together…but I’ll cherish the times we get…2013-08-30 001 387After pics with Chelle and taking Q to Cruse’s party, we had our two littles for a night of fun.

First it was to Watters for some play time and to hang out with Uncle Brooks and his new fiancé. 2013-08-30 001 3892013-08-30 001 3902013-08-30 001 3922013-08-30 001 393
Needless to say, he loved our girl and we loved his! We're so happy for them and can’t wait for their big day this Summer!
2013-08-30 001 3942013-08-30 001 395
After that, it was time to head to Flower Mound to see our sweet Ben & Stacy and let Bliss finally meet them!…2013-08-30 001 3962013-08-30 001 3972013-08-30 001 3982013-08-30 001 3992013-08-30 001 402
And then to the Lawrence’s for some lovin’. This is one spoiled and loved little girl! 2013-08-30 001 403
On Saturday morning, it was back to Allen to pick up Quinn and head to our annual Christmas brunch/gift exchange with some of my very favorites. So thankful they were able to make it work when I was in town. Sweet faces…all of them…2013-08-30 001 405And, just because we HAD to, we wore these matching shirts. Funny thing is that mine is from JCrew and hers is from Gap. But they’re EXACTLY the same!! Having a girl is super fun…2013-08-30 001 4072013-08-30 001 411
Whew! What a whirlwind. I am so very thankful that we got to see so many precious people in such a short amount of time. And, when we arrived home, we were glad to be there and Peeky was apparently happy to  have us back.
2013-08-30 001 418

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