Friday, December 05, 2014

Bah Hum Pug

I have a question…does Wal-Mart make these awful sweaters for people like us that buy them for parties like this…OR are there people in the world that would actually proudly wear a “Bah Hum Pug” Sweater Vest? Regardless, it’s fun!!! And hilarious.

We had a great time being crazy at the youth group’s Cookies & Cocoa {Ugly Christmas Sweater} Party. Once again…having a Youth Pastor Daddy sure is fun!

{I find it comical that there was NO getting a real pic…falls in line with the event, I guess. Introducing, the Tacky PoeFam…minus Bliss…she’s still cute!…}Dec 7 2014 001

Dec 7 2014 003

Dec 7 2014 006

Dec 7 2014 009

Dec 7 2014 010

Dec 7 2014 011

Dec 7 2014 012And…O.M.G…there are NO words…Matt’s Jr. High Guy, Ryan…Mercy, mercy me…Dec 7 2014 014

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