Thursday, September 04, 2014

Nash’s First Day of Preschool: 2014

The day after Quinn’s first day, it was Nasher’s turn! Oh how this boy LOVES (and needs!!!) school!  And, I’m so thankful that Daddy is just down the side walk all day long!

He was dressed before he came down stairs and was ready to go in no time! And, after dropping off Quinn, it was almost time to take this guy…after picture, of course!!!…IMG_3944
What a darling mess this guy is…full of life and energy…IMG_3946
And how he knows how to charm with that smile…mercy me…IMG_3948IMG_3949IMG_3951
He’s SO proud of his new backpack…which is just like Bubba’s from last year…IMG_3953IMG_3954
And, drop off was a breeze…excitement for sure!!!…and familiar faces in his class. IMG_3957get-attachment

Since he had no interest in the school interview, the flashback pics will have to do. But, he had a GREAT day and can’t wait to go back…

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