Sunday, September 07, 2014

Good Bye White Carpet!!!

For our anniversary this year, Matt and I decided it was time to replace our floors. Even though we’ve only lived in our home for 7 months…and even though the people before us did a great job keeping this white carpet clean…we were less successful. Three kids…1 dog…and lots of visitors makes for some pretty NASTY white carpet. We could stand it NO longer!

On the first day of school, we cleared away all of the furniture and surprised the boys with a painting party. They thought it was crazy and loved paining all over the living room!

Then, the next 3 days were filled with diligent workers laying our new floor. We are SO happy with the outcome and SO thankful that we don’t have to worry about white carpet any more! It completely changed the look and feel of our house!



Brandi said...

Woohoo!! Looks amazing!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Yes, carpets could be an issue, moreso if you have pets around. They make it an even bigger challenge to clean up the carpet, among other things. But it's good that you guys didn't put this off for later. Now you have a shiny new floor that is not only easier to clean, but even looks better than the white carpet. Thanks for sharing!

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