Friday, September 05, 2014

Bliss Mabry Poe: Four Months

IMG_3965Oh my sweet, sweet girl,
I adore you! Having you around is bringing your whole family so much joy!…more than I could have dreamed!!! You are happy…blissful really…living so preciously up to your beautiful name. I still look at you sometimes and cry at the fact that you’re here…and that you’re mine. I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness. IMG_3963IMG_3967
We had such a fun month…staying busy, like always. First, we went on a “Tour of Texas” vacation and you got to visit friends in Allen, grandparents in Abilene and more! You were such a great traveler and didn’t mind your pack-and-play one bit. You were quite the show-stopper at gatherings with Mommy’s friends and at your Sip & See at Mammer’s. You also got to visit Baylor for the first time. It was a quick stop but so special for us to show you where Mommy and Daddy met. After our trip, we spent lazy days at home…swimming, helping Daddy in the new youth building at church and making memories with your Bubbas. You went to the nursery at church for the first time and loved it…and were loved!  We did LOTS of back-to-school shopping, watched Daddy play soccer and sent your big brothers back to school. We have lots of girl time ahead of us!!  IMG_3974
This month you really started talking and cooing. It’s the cutest thing in the world! We all love to hear you babble and watch you smile You’re so very serious about what you’re saying! You also blow bubble and zerberts all of the time. It makes us all laugh! Speaking of laughing…you do it ALL of the time…especially at Quinn and Nash. But, the bad thing is, you often get the hiccups and throw up a little if we get you laughing too hard. It’s a true “gut buster!” But, it takes half of a second to have big smiles and laughs all over again. I catch myself saying, “Don’t make her laugh right now…she’ll throw up…she just ate!” Mercy. IMG_3975
You are truly mesmerized by your brothers. They catch your eye and get so much of your sweet attention. I think they’re too rough with you…pulling your arms and clapping your hands…or patting your belly…or squeezing your cheeks. But, you love it all! It’s hard to tell them no when you’re all smiles…but it drives us NUTS! They’re always going to be your biggest fan. You’re so very blessed to have them. IMG_3976
You've discovered your toys this month and we’re so glad. Besides Gladys, your car seat toy, you have lots of other things to look at now. You can hold them for a while and, of course, love to put them in your mouth. You are starting to drool quite a bit but no teeth yet. You’re still a fan of your Wub-a-nub or a Soothie passy…but hate any other kind. You’re still nursing about every 3-4 hours in the day and sleep around 8 hours before eating again and then sleeping 2-3 more. You’re still sleeping in your bassinet in our room and I’m JUST fine with that! Don’t grow up too fast, ok!? A schedule is still pretty non-existent during the day. Maybe we’ll try now that your brothers are back in school.  IMG_3978
Overall, you are a dream! My little girl…and a precious ray of sunshine in our home.
I love you a bushel and a peck,
At 4 months old, you love…
Being talked to by anyone
Smiling and laughing
Playing in your exersaucer
Gladys, your car seat toy
Bath time with Mommy
Getting your jammies on
Your Brothers and Your Daddy
Chewing/Sucking/Slobbering on your fingers

At 4 months old, you don’t love…
When you’re hungry
Being in your car seat too long
The wrong kind of passy

I don’t want to forget…
Your precious belly laugh
How you smile even bigger when I talk to you
How fun it is to dress you
How admired you are everywhere we go
The way you put your hands above your head and in your hair
The way your Brothers adore you


  Quinn Davis: Nash Baylor: Bliss Mabry:
Weight: 15 lbs. 1 oz.
18 lbs. 15 oz. (100%) 13 lbs. 15 oz. (45%) 
Height: 25 inches
25.3 inches
25.25 inches
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