Sunday, June 01, 2014

You’re ALL My Favorites!!!

Bliss 045I’m amazed at how true it is…They’re ALL my favorites! I am a Mommy x3!!! It’s really too much for me to wrap my mind around sometimes! I was so nervous when I was pregnant with Nash. So afraid that I’d never be able to love another as much as I loved Quinn. I had people tell me that I would…but I didn’t completely believe it. But, I did! IMMEDITALY as I saw his precious face, I loved Nash so completely! He was my favorite…and so was Quinn! And, now, I have added another favorite to my list! My sweet Bliss! Three hearts have beat inside of me…and my heart has grown three times since March 27, 2007. The fact that it’s possible is just another of God’s amazing miracles! I’m so in love with ALL of my favorites!

Quinn, you’re my favorite because…
* You made me a Mommy.
* You live with a “glass half full” attitude.
* You’re patient and kind and a good friend.
* You’re a deep thinker.
* You tell me the details.
* You’re passionate about things you love.

Nash, you’re my favorite because…
* You showed me how my heart can double…not split.
* You allowed me to experience a sibling relationship.
* You make me laugh…A LOT!
* You’re so affectionate.
* You’re persistent…and won’t give up!
* Your laugh is so very contagious.

Bliss, you’re my favorite because…
* You gave me a daughter!
* You are making me think about my job as a Mommy very differently.
* You’re allowing me to love these boys in our house even more as I watch them love & adore you.
* You brought pink in our house!…and will join me in rolling our eyes when our boys act like boys!
* You’re happy…and smiley…and beautiful!
* You’re a daily reminder of God’s goodness and how He hears our prayers!

Bliss 046

Bliss 047
{pictures by the amazing Chelle Cates Photography!}

If you’re a Mommy of more than one, you must get this!!!…

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Jill said...

Oh, how I love this...God's answered prayers, beautiful moments captured by the talented Chelle, and your sweet descriptions! So blessed y'all are!!