Sunday, June 08, 2014

ThePoeFam’s Summer Plan 2014

Due to a brand new baby, I needed a low maintenance and realistic summer plan for my big boys! And, thanks to our SUPER awesome children’s ministry at our church (that has ALL kinds of cool things for our kids), being a youth pastor’s family (trips and lots of fun activities) and having a pool, my job of planning was made pretty easy! {Praise Jesus!!!}

But, I did want to have SOMETHING to keep me sane on the days that we’re at home. Thanks to my friend, Carrie, I now have the BEST Summer plan to keep my boys occupied for LOTS of hours! {see her post here!}…and, the beauty of it is, they can do most of it independently.

Introducing our Summer Smart Chart
IMG_3106Using some basic skills Activity Books that I found at Sam’s…and some “learning” stuff I found around the house…I created a chart of things for the boys to do! I expect that each box will take approximately 20 minutes so I’ll set the timer and they’ll get to work. IMG_3039Here are some workbook options…

But, because I was afraid they’d pick their “favorite” things first and be stuck doing the rest at the end of the Summer, I covered each of the boxes with sticky notes. So, now it’s a SURPRISE! {which makes it even more fun!!!} We’ve only completed one, but it seems like it’s going to be a HUGE hit…and give me some sanity at the same time!
Summer Smart ChartAfter they complete their activity, they get to put a sticker in that box, And, if they complete the whole Summer Smart Chart by the end of the summer, there will be a reward! {We’re still trying to decide what it should be!}

Easy enough!? I think so!!


Another thing I’m SUPER excited to do is an idea I got from another friend. I found a Bible that seemed pretty thorough for a children’s Bible. {I LOVE this Gospel Project Bible!!!} Each story is only a page long but not too “kiddie!” I read the story aloud and let the boys illustrate it in their notebooks. We also downloaded the free app that goes with the Bible to look up videos and to make each page “come alive” on our iPhone screen! It’s so cool!… Simple as that!!! Quinn will also write the title and Scripture reference. It’s such a great way for us to read through the Bible together and discuss it. And, they seem to really be listening because they’re drawing as I read!

What a precious keepsake their Composition Book of illustrations will be! IMG_3038

IMG_3077  IMG_3078
So, that’s that! ThePoeFam’s super low-maintenance Summer Plan!…We’re excited! And, I’m so glad to have all of us under one roof for a while! No lunches to pack…no clothes to pick out…no real bedtimes…JUST FUN! Happy Summer!

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Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I love this idea so much that I made one over the weekend too! I love your idea to cover with post it notes so it is a surprise. My 8 year old loved the idea too...hope it lasts all summer!