Monday, May 26, 2014

Making Memories.

When Bliss was only a week and a half old, both boys were at school, and she and I decided it was time to go to Target for the first time together. It was the first of MANY trips to the magical store, I’m sure. I giddily got her and the snap-n-go out of the car and joyfully pushed my girl around each and every isle…while sipping a diet coke, of course. Even though she slept the majority of the time and woke up screaming to be held, it was a dreamy trip. Just my girl and me!!!…At Target!!!

After I was unable to squeeze any more “necessities” in the bottom of the snap-and-go, I decided it was time to head to the check out. When we were about to walk out the automatic doors, I stopped to buckle Bliss up and was greeted by an darling elderly man that I’d seen shopping around the store with his wife. He peeked into the seat and said, “he’s not real!” {I disregarded the fact that the man said “he” and figured that he was color blind or that his eyes were too bad to see the pink car seat, pink bow, pink blanket and pink outfit my daughter was wearing!} I laughingly said, “yes sir, she’s definitely real!” It was at that moment that he called his slow moving wife (who was still about 6 steps behind us) by saying…”Honey..come and see this…you need to get you one of these!!”

I laughed again and waiting for her to arrive at the car seat to oooh and ahhh over my girl. When she asked how old she was, I proudly responded with 10 days! (I love telling people how ‘brand new’ she is!) It was in that moment that the lady stepped back, looked at me and said, “No way you had that baby!!!” {she knows how to make a post-partum Momma feel good!!!} When I assured her that I did, she asked me, “Is she sleeping for you?” And, when I said “not really” with a smile, she got the sweetest smile on her face and said…

“Well…you’re making memories!!!”

I loved it! It wasn’t the typical…”you’re going to miss this”…annoying comment. Because, I’m NEVER going to miss not sleeping! But, she was SO right! Good or bad…tired or rested…middle of the night feedings…evening fussiness or daytime coos…whatever it may be…I AM making memories!

May I never forget these “brand new” moments that are so precious…so exhausting…and will be over before I know it!

Here’s a peek into her first month! LOTS of iPhone pics…some real camera pics…and lots and lots of precious memories! With two big brothers, there’s really no rest for the weary! We go and do lots of things…and, truthfully, I think it’s making the transition to THREE easier than I imagined!…

{4.28.14: First night at home with your proud Daddy in your footie Strawberry jammies!}IMG_2770_thumb

{4.29.14: Nash’s First Day of School as a Big Brother!!}

{4.29.14: First Doctor’s Appointment at 4 days old}
IMG_2773_thumb[1]  IMG_2772_thumb[1]

Bliss' First Week 001

{4.29.14: Seeing Daddy in his office and picking up Nash from school…4 days old}Bliss' First Week 006_thumb[2]
{4.30.14: One of the proudest Big Brothers in the WORLD…he wants to hold her ALL of the time!!!}
Bliss' First Week 011_thumb  Bliss' First Week 012_thumb

{Lovin’ on Momma!}
Bliss' First Week 013_thumb

Bliss' First Week 017_thumb[3]  IMG_2802_thumb[2]

{4.29.14: First shopping trip with Mommy & Mammer…5 days old…}

IMG_2804_thumb[1]  IMG_2808_thumb[1]

{Beautiful girl!!!}

{Advantage of having a baby girl Reason # 1,426: Your house looks and smells like a florist!}IMG_2819_thumb

{Bad habits starting early…Quinn and Nash showing her Doc McStuffins on their Ipods! She loved it!}

{Sweet conversations with Daddy}

{Before school snuggles…}

{Can you blame me? It was so was cheaper than the white...and I am currently obsessed with all things pink and girly!!!}

{5.3.14: Chelle came at her 1 week birthday for her amazing newborn photo shoot! A dream come true for this Momma! Having a girl is already so fun!!!}

{Reminiscing at the difference a week can make!!! So glad she’s out of that big belly and in my arms!!!}

{May I never forget when her whole foot was shorter than my thumb.}IMG_2875_thumb

{5.3.14: Mimi came to meet Bliss…}Bliss' First Week 019_thumb[2]

Bliss' First Week 020

{5.4.13: A trip to the Waterway for Sunday lunch…with Mimi, Nana & Pawpaw…}IMG_2877_thumb[9]

{5.4.13: Bliss went to church for the first time tonight to watch her Biggest Bubba sing in his choir program! She slept through the whole thing but we know she was proud!}IMG_2888_thumb[2]
{So many ooohs and ahhs over her…but she stayed in her seat the whole time…}
Bliss' First Week 056_thumb[2]

{5.5.14: I dreamed of this moment…}

{Pretty girl loving her pretty room…}IMG_2908_thumb[2]

{5.6.14: Nash was SO proud to show off his baby sister at his Cinco de Mayo party at school…serious cuteness!!!…}
5.6.14 to 5.11.14 001_thumb5.6.14 to 5.11.14 004_thumb5.6.14 to 5.11.14 006_thumb5.6.14 to 5.11.14 009_thumb

5.6.14 to 5.11.14 007_thumb[2]

5.6.14 to 5.11.14 010_thumb[2]

{And, this girl is ALL SMILES at her daddy…at 10 days old…}

{5.7.14: 11 days old and we get to see her belly button for the first time…I’ll try to forget the fact that I never found her piece of cord…yuck!!!}

{Lots of sleeping and snuggling at home took place…}

{5.7.14: Nash’s Choir Program at church…11 days old…So proud of our sweet big brother…and, goodness, he loved that Bliss and I were there!!…}
5.6.14 to 5.11.14 015_thumb5.6.14 to 5.11.14 020_thumb

5.6.14 to 5.11.14 023

{5.10.14: Bliss attended her first soccer game for Nasher…2 weeks old…}5.6.14 to 5.11.14 026_thumb[2]
5.6.14 to 5.11.14 028

5.6.14 to 5.11.14 031_thumb5.6.14 to 5.11.14 032_thumb

{5.10.14: First real bath…2 weeks old…NOT a fan…}IMG_2959_thumb[1]

5.6.14 to 5.11.14 036_thumb[2]

5.6.14 to 5.11.14 038_thumb 5.6.14 to 5.11.14 041_thumb5.6.14 to 5.11.14 046_thumb 5.6.14 to 5.11.14 048_thumb

{5.11.14: It's a Mother's Day miracle. I got four people to church...and we were all clean, ironed, fed and happy!!!…}

{First Sunday to church…Mother’s Day…}

5.6.14 to 5.11.14 055_thumb[1]

5.6.14 to 5.11.14 058

{More sleeping…}

{5.12.14: 2 week check up at 2 weeks and 2 days}

{5.15.14: While Daddy and Bubba play golf…we get Yogurt in the wall…}IMG_3037_thumb

{Don’t you dare take my Wubba Nub away…}IMG_3045_thumb[1]

{We all love being outside…}

{5.17.14: First date with Hays to Chuy’s ended like this…3 weeks old…}IMG_3071_thumb[1]

{Toes spread. Hands moving. Eyes looking. Clean baby. Sweetness.}

{5.19.14: We survived our first grocery trip with a little sister in tow! Thankful that she slept the whole time and that her big brother was a great helper!}

{“Mommy…take our picture!!!” –Nash}

{Bliss’ Adoring Fan Club…They’re obsessed!!!}IMG_3114_thumb[1]

{How do I look!?}

{Little helpers. Nash has said he wanted to "help put Tummy Baby's jammies on" since we found out we were pregnant! Dream come true!!!}

{5.24.14: Waiting for Mommy’s Dallas friends to arrive…4 weeks old…}

{5.25.14: The earliest smiler EVER…it melts me…4 weeks and 1 day…}IMG_3193_thumb[1]


“Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart.”
~Mandy Harrison

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