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Nash Baylor Poe: Three. {and 3/4}


My Sweet Nasher Noo,

I couldn’t let your 3rd birthday letter escape us…and the fact that you’re still the baby of our family for a few more weeks…without sitting down and letting you know everything you are to me!  In so many ways, I think you’ve grown up too fast…but, when you have a Big Brother that you idolize, I guess it’s bound to happen! You’re so much fun…and such a mess…and the life of the party! You make us laugh EVERY day and you have a sweet, tender heart that easily shows itself to us and your friends. Your laugh is contagious…your “big boy swagger” when you’re playing sports is hilarious…and your opinion is loud and clear about most things! So…to capture just who you are at this age, I wanted to do the little 3 year old interview that I did with Quinn (click here to see Q’s) …and, I’ll be sure to add in my own commentary after your answer!


Here goes…

Do you like to sleep?
Yes, because I cuddle with all of my loveys and because I get to cuddle with Quinn.

You’ve always been a pretty good sleeper, and we’re so thankful for that! You are SUPER high maintenance at bedtime though. You need 800 things around you…loveys galore, pillows, blankets, books, toys…our little hoarder! We have to tickle your back…and your tummy…and your arms…and your face…and…and! You like to stall. You have to have your water close by. But, once you’re asleep, you’re good! … You have also learned of the beauty of cuddling with Quinn. You LOVE to fall asleep in bed with him. He tolerates it and lets you sometimes…but you would every night. When you do, Daddy always comes in and easily transfers you to your own bed. And, sometimes, (if Q doesn’t wake you) you’ll sleep in a little longer. …As far as naps go, they’re pretty obsolete at home. You will randomly fall asleep while watching a show or snuggling with Daddy on the couch…or while you’re playing in the Bear Pit…but not super often. Your teachers at school say you are the BEST napper. The first to fall asleep every day! We may bring nap time back at home once Bliss is born!

What do you love to eat/drink?
Mickey sandwiches and chicken and candy. Orange juice and caffeine.

You would seriously snack ALL. DAY. LONG. if I’d let you.  I worry about our grocery bill when you’re a teenager. I’m surprised you haven’t turned into a goldfish cracker by now and you would usually want something salty (like crackers or pretzels) before a sweet snack. If we ask you what you want for dinner, you’ll almost always say, “a burrito!” You miss Taco Bueno and Taco Casa as much as Mommy! Thankfully, just like your Big Brother, you’ll try anything…and often like it. I’m thankful that meal time battles haven’t been too bad for us.
IMG_1767Tell me about your favorite toys:
Trucks and Hot Wheels. And Legos and my new toys.

You’re way less maintenance with toys than Q was. You don’t have to have the latest and the greatest character toy to go with the show you’re currently obsessing over. When you get to pick a “sussy” at the store, you’ll almost always pick a ball or a Hot Wheel car. Easy!!! You do love playing whatever Quinn plays and are a great Lego builder for your little age. You really enjoy coloring and playing with play-doh. And, you’ll play for a good hour in the bath tub with cars or Imaginext guys. You also love being outside…riding your scooter and you love to swim! We’re excited for summer in our new pool! 

IMG_1773What are your favorite shows/movies?
Mickey Mouse and Wallykazam and Chima. 

Just like your brother, you love shows! And you could watch the same one OVER and OVER again!!! Some days, we watch lots of shows to survive…and sometimes you don’t watch any! If I’d play with you all day, you’d probably never request one.

Do you have any favorite songs?
Lightning McQueen songs and your radio.

You’re quite the singer and the dancer. You have a sweet little singing voice! You’re content with listening to songs in the car…especially the Frozen soundtrack. And, you can sing every word. You’re in choir at church and I can’t wait until you perform. I overhear you singing songs from school and church as you play…pretty precious.

What makes you sad/frustrated?
When you have to take away my toys if I’m not being good.

Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s ever happened, but maybe it has. It’s safe to say you get sad and frustrated more than I’d like. You can turn on the tears at a moment’s notice and are a bit of a drama king. As tough as you seem, you scream and scream when you barely bump your head. I’m afraid you’re a bit like the boy who cried wolf and we’re not going to believe it when you’re REALLY hurt one day. You’re learning that crying doesn’t get you what you want…and whining doesn’t either. Oh, second born!


What makes you the most happy?
You guys picking me up from school…all of you! Playing with Bubba.

You do ADORE spending time with your whole family. You miss Quinn so much when he’s at school and you’re not. You ask all day long if it’s time to go and get him yet. On Quinn’s birthday, we all got to come to your school and pick you up…and it meant so much to you! We’ve always said that you’re “extreme!” You”re either the happiest, most joyful kid we’ve ever seen…or you’re a mess! Not much in between. But, when you’re great, you’re great! So fun! So happy! So loving! And so very funny!

What makes you laugh?
Quinn doing silly faces, You doing silly faces and Daddy doing silly faces.

About that laugh of yours…there’s seriously not a better laugh on the planet! It’s so genuine and deep. We love it…I wish I could bottle it up!
IMG_1764Who do you love to be with?
Family and Taylor and I love to kiss Bliss in your tummy.

Like I said before, you do love us! And, I’m so thankful!!! Taylor is your best little girl friend at school. Y’all are absolutely hilarious together. And, goodness me, you’re excited to be a Big Brother to Bliss. You’ve been so proud from the moment we told you about a baby in my tummy. You kiss my belly every time I drop you off at school or church…and often throughout the day. You talk to her, and sing to her, and tell her you love her. You talk about all of the things you’re going to do with her once she arrives. I can’t wait to watch you in action. I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty priceless.


Where do you love to go?
The park to play.

You’re not a home body quite as much as Quinn. You like to be out and about like your Daddy. You do love going to the park…or meeting friends to play! And, when it’s just you and me, you’re a pretty great errand runner. When you and Q are together on errands, it gets a little crazy…but we manage!

IMG_1779What do you love to do?
Play games with Bubba, Play with new cars, Ride my scooter, Play soccer. 

Not to put you in a box, but I think you’re going to be our little athlete. You LOVE everything sports. Watching it, going to games and, of course, playing! Since we signed you up for Soccer, you’ve been obsessed. Wanting to play…wanting to wear your shoes EVERYWHERE…wanting to watch real soccer on TV over shows. You love it! We’re excited for your season to start and hope it lives up to all of your expectations!

IMG_1765Is three a fun age to be?
Yes because you get to do flips.

And, you do! Flips on trampolines…on the couch…summersaults on the floor…everywhere you go! You’re full of life!

We adore you, Nash Baylor Poe. There are days you give me a run for my money, but, in the end, you’re my sweet, tenderhearted, flower picking, sparkle finding, lovey little mister. I’m so thankful that God blessed us with you…so different from your Big Brother…It’s amazing to me how that happens! I really think you’re going to be the perfect Big & Little Brother! (And you love that you’re the only one in our family that gets to be BOTH!) Never forget that you are so loved and that I’m so very proud to call you my Nasher!

I love you more…yes sir,

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Phil and Beki said...

Love that he loves Taylor as much as she loves Nash! Thankful that our sweet 'middle kiddos' have each other ;)