Thursday, July 25, 2013

Upward Soccer BEGINS!!!

Here we go…not only am I a Soccer Mom…but, I’m a Soccer Mom x 2!!! Both of my boys are officially in Upward Soccer for the Summer! I’m a proud Mommy watching two practices and two games each week!

Quinn is in his third season playing soccer, and Nash is proudly in his FIRST! He truly couldn’t wait to get on his uniform and the cutest little shin guards you’ve ever seen! He feels so cool to be just like his Bubba and even takes on a different “cool guy” demeanor when he steps on the court…cracks me up!

And, this past Saturday (while Daddy was still in Ecuador), they had their first games as Leopards (Q) and Cobras (N)! 7.24.13 001

7.24.13 002  7.24.13 003

7.24.13 005

7.24.13 006
Nash’s game was first and he did a great job listening and staying close to the ball! He got to kick it to start the game (see video) and definitely got his feet on the ball many more times during the game! He had an absolute BLAST! His team has mainly 5 year olds (with a few 4 year olds and young 6 years olds)…so, he’s the youngest by A LOT!! But, he holds his own and surely has the most heart on the team! Love that boy! 7.24.13 010

7.24.13 014

Then, with just an hour in between, it was Quinn’s turn! He’s, by far, the youngest on his team as well, but is proving to be more aggressive than seasons past. He had a hard hit in the mouth during his first game but came back to play some more! (Bless him!) The video of him playing goalie TOTALLY cracks me up! It’s SO HIM!!! He was SUPER proud when he felt like he helped block the goal…and, I love how he celebrated and then reenacted it afterwards. Hilarious boy!
7.24.13 018  7.24.13 023

It’s going to be a fun Summer watching my two dudes play Soccer! I’m so thankful to be their Mommy and biggest fan!!!

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