Sunday, July 28, 2013

a week of mornings. {and days & nights, too.}

iphone 7.27 017WE DID IT!! We survived 8 DAYS and 7 NIGHTS without our Daddy! It was long {July 14-21} …but, the boys were an absolute DREAM! God gave us so much grace while he was away. I had more patience than normal, and they were so precious and obedient. So thankful!

But, (after only being home from Glorieta for less than 12 hours) the night before, the dumb devil tried to give me a spirit of ungratefulness! Our air conditioner went out So, we all slept in the living room (the coolest room in the house)…and, God totally showed off by making the high the next day in the 70s! It was amazing and so pleasant in our house. I swear he sent the cool front JUST for us!
  7.14 Iphone 188
After a very early morning of goodbyes to our Daddy at the airport {and some sad little boys and Mommy}, we came back home and the air conditioner man fixed our air condition in NO time…and for only our Home Shield co-pay of $60! Again, SO thankful!!!
7.14 Iphone 1907.14 Iphone 1917.14 Iphone 192
{Part of the team going to Ecuador}
7.14 Iphone 194
{One last goodbye}
7.14 Iphone 196

7.14 Iphone 199

And, we had a busy and fun-filled week.
iphone 7.22.13 001
Trips to Sam’s…
iphone 7.22.13 002iphone 7.22.13 003
Fun with friends…
iphone 7.22.13 005iphone 7.22.13 007
Making S’mores…{don’t worry, the tears from sticky hands didn’t last long!}…iphone 7.22.13 008iphone 7.22.13 011iphone 7.22.13 010iphone 7.22.13 013

First Soccer practice…
iphone 7.22.13 017
Cleaning the pool and enjoying the cool mornings…
iphone 7.22.13 018
Nash’s 3 year well-check!…
iphone 7.22.13 022
More fun with friends…
iphone 7.27 001

iphone 7.22.13 030  iphone 7.22.13 031
Amazed at the sky…and wondering if Daddy’s was as pretty as ours…
iphone 7.27 004
Putting little minions to nap/rest…
iphone 7.27 006
First soccer game…Go Leopards and Cobras…
iphone 7.27 009  iphone 7.27 011
Shrinky Dinks…and evidence that the big boy put away his own dishes…
iphone 7.27 013iphone 7.27 019
Making signs for Daddy…iphone 7.27 020
And a celebratory trip to Check E. Cheese because we survived…and, we needed to kill time before picking Daddy up the airport at 9:30…
iphone 7.27 023  iphone 7.27 024

iphone 7.27 026

iphone 7.27 027

iphone 7.27 029

Once we arrived at the airport, I had two very excited boys.
iphone 7.27 031

And, in no time, we had one VERY excited Daddy too!!!
iphone 7.27 032iphone 7.27 033iphone 7.27 034
Seriously SO happy…look at the faces of EVERYONE around!!!
iphone 7.27 036

iphone 7.27 037

Even though it was late, we all got Sussies…here are a few…we all LOVE our Ecuador pants. Q wants to wear them EVERY night and is already talking about the color he wants Matt to bring him next year…
iphone 7.27 038iphone 7.27 040
And, even though he’ll be off on another trip before we know it, we’re so thankful that he’s home for now! We love him so! iphone 7.27 039
And, here’s a little peek into Daddy’s amazing week in Ecuador. Who knew it was so beautiful? And, while he was there, he worked so hard…building homes…loving on children and their families…and, preaching the gospel! They saw miracle after miracle and God’s hand on them the whole time…providing places for them to do their activities and more. I LOVE the last picture so very much. It was such a large group…and, the hands raised are those that wanted to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! BEYOND AMAZING!!! I am so thankful that he got to go and that the boys and I get to hear all of the stories of God’s goodness!

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