Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Floaty-Less Fishies!

Finally, on June 1st, it was time for my boys to start swim lessons. It was the day I had been anticipating since we moved into a house with a pool in October. And, when we got word about the amazingness of Mrs. Sue, we knew she was our girl! She has been teaching for about 40 years and said that my boys would be jumping off of her diving board and swimming across her pool by the end of the week! With her confidence, I we were SOLD! Nash was up first!….

Day 1: WAY too traumatic for a picture! I think he screamed the majority of the time as we waited in the garage.

Day 2: Not a whole lot better than the first…but at least I got a smile AFTER his lesson. I don’t think Mrs. Sue has seen this smile yet!

iphone 6.9.13 092

Day 3:
He calmed down a little, but still cried as he had to wait his turn. Mrs. Sue was going to let me stay and watch, but Nash couldn’t calm down. Thankfully, at the end, I got to come in and witness THIS! MY BABY SWIMMING! I was shocked and SO excited! Now, if he could only stop crying!!
iphone 6.9.13 095  iphone 6.9.13 096

Day 4: Less tears and more swimming! Even jumping off of the diving board to Mrs. Sue and then swimming to the side! Amazed!
Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 001  Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 007Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 014

Day 5: Mammer, Slickpaw AND Daddy came today! And, guess what…NO TEARS!!! And, LOTS OF SWIMMING!!! He jumped off of the diving board and swam to the side OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! I even got plenty of smiles and thumbs up! Mrs. Sue is a true GENIOUS! May be the best money we’ve ever spent!!! Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 045

Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 047  Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 050

Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 057
  Swim Lessons & Last Day of School 059
We are SO proud of our big swimmer and headed straight to Toys R Us so that he could pick out whatever he wanted for his big accomplishment!SUMMER 011

Then, the next week, it was my big boy’s turn. Thankfully, swimming had already “clicked” for him this Summer…but, we were anxious for Mrs. Sue to get ahold of him! Despite not loving having his face in the water (he’s getting over that), he did great!…and, on Friday, he got to pick out a sussy too! I have a feeling that he’s gong to be a pretty amazing swimmer by the end of the summer!
Father's Day 2013 008

Father's Day 2013 017

Father's Day 2013 021  Father's Day 2013 023
Now, I’m thankful for an entire summer of tan, floaty-less boys in my own backyard!!!Father's Day 2013 069

Father's Day 2013 025  Father's Day 2013 037

Father's Day 2013 070
  Father's Day 2013 068


The Allens said...

We love her!!!! My family is so amazed when Abby jumps off the diving board. Two year olds!!!

Heather Ales said...

I need her contact info! Fred has taken 2 years of swim lessons. While at lessons he is FINE... a GREAT swimmer! But, when we get to our friends homes, he can't. It is SO frustrating. I need Ms. Sue!!

Kristen said...

Yes! Could you please let us know how we can get contact info for Mrs. Sue?!? Thanks!