Saturday, March 30, 2013

Magic Colors!

On Monday, Nash and I decided to do a fun little {Pinterest-found} science experiment. We filled clear, plastic cups with water and food coloring. Nash LOVED watching squeezing in the drops of food coloring and watching the water turn to pretty colors. Then, we rolled paper towels and dipped one end in the colored water…and placed the dry end in the empty cup in the middle. We watched the water creep up the paper towel (and while Nash wasn’t looking, Mommy MIGHT have soaked the paper towel a little further) and drip into the middle cup. Magically, the water in the middle was a brand new color!

I was amazed at how much he loved this…and at how he could remember what new color the two primary colors made! It was another successful “fun time” with my second born! Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 002 
Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 005  Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 003

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 007

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 008 Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 009 Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 010
Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 013


Meg Smith said...

Thanks for sharing! This looks like so much fun and still wicked easy! I must try it with my little one!

The Links said...

So fun, pinning this now for my little guy!!