Monday, February 25, 2013

Random things I'm LOVIN' right now!

While delaying the process of dinnertime this evening, I thought it was time to share some of my current, random favorite things! I love a good recommendation and hope you do too! Enjoy my randomness!!!...And thank you for giving me an excuse to stall!...
Goody Quick Style Brush: 
This little beauty was a Christmas gift fave. My hair drying time is SO much less...and, goodness knows I can use all of the extra time I can get in the mornings.

BSF: I'm in my second year of Bible Study Fellowship and I LOVE it so very much! It keeps me accontable and gives me a tool to dig deeper into God's Word. One of the most amazing parts is that your kids learn the exact same things that you're studying. And, IT'S FREE!!!! Please check it out and be blessed!!! 

These books: So far, I'd recommend each of them. They are ALL challenging me in different ways! 

Project Life: I"m telling you, I'm a believer for good! Click here to see a post I did about it a year ago! Since then, I have completed all of 2012 and have started 2013! It's truly an amazing and easy way to document life's little everydays!!! When I see my boys look through it, it melts my heart. They LOVE it as much as I do!!

Chobani Greek Yoguart with fruit: I seriously LOVE every flavor! They're my new "after the kids go to bed" treat! YUMMMMMY!

Our cute new patio furniture: We are beyond excited to have a beautiful backyard with a covered patio to enjoy! And, we loved finding this fun, green patio set at Wal-Mart for an amazing price!! We know memories on top of memories will be made out here! 

Q&A books: I have had this book for a few years and love picking it up to write a line or two based on the question asked. And, I can't wait to give Q his own for his birthday this year. I think it'll be a hilarious keepsake full of memories...and, how fun to document the next three years this way! I think I'm going to keep it at the breakfast table and let him fill it in as he eats! 

Swiffer Duster: My mom turned me on to these and I love it...such a nice way to do a quick clean!!! 

Vera Bradley SmartPhone Wristlet: This little gem that I got for my birthday holds all of my cards AND my iPhone with a big case on it. It's so nice to have it all in one place when I'm running errands! 

Eglor, our resin deer head: I ADORE our new little friend...and, my boys think he's great. Q even gave him the awesome name, Eglor! I think every house needs an Eglor, don't you!? 


The Links said...

If you don't mind me asking.......Have you slowed down on your blogging because you are doing Project Life. I did project life last year through November but I haven't finished December. While I loved doing it, I felt like I was doing double work. I was blogging about our everyday life, then turning around an printing the pictures and writing about it in my PL album. I just felt like I couldn't keep up with both this year so I decided to blog because my parents and in-laws would die if I stopped blogging. Just curious if I was the only one that couldn't manage both or if life in general is busy for you and you don't have as much time to blog.

Just wanted to telll you that I sure miss your frequent posts. You are definitely one of my favorite blogs!!

the Rilea fam said...

Where did you find those cute outdoor pillows? Love them!

ThePoeFam said...

Hey Rilea fam,
The pillows are from Garden Ridge! Fun find!!! They're very happy out there!