Monday, December 03, 2012

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift. 2 Corinthians 9:15

Thanksgiving was different this year… but it was wonderful. We went to Houston instead of San Angelo. We missed Mimi for sure!! And, in the days before Thanksgiving, all of the sweet cousins got sick with RSV. So, then, we had to miss Derin, Boogie, Michael, Ava and Baby Austin too. We were all so disappointed.

But, we found our joyful hearts and had a great time. Nana & Pawpaw hosted thePoeFam and Mammer & Slickpaw at their home this year. It seemed so small and quiet compared to our usual Thanksgivings, but we enjoyed one another and lots of Nana’s yummy food!

As I looked at my boys on Thanksgiving day, my heart could have exploded with thankfulness. Even though parenting has its definite ups and downs, I can’t imagine life without these precious brothers. I am beyond thankful for the best friend they’ll always have in each other.
 Thanksgiving 2012 073  Thanksgiving 2012 074

Thanksgiving 2012 077

Thanksgiving 2012 078
  Thanksgiving 2012 079
And, I happily contributed to Thanksgiving dinner this year. I made the pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole. Thankfully, they were both pretty yummy!
Thanksgiving 2012 083  Thanksgiving 2012 085  myPie
Slickpaw brought his famous turkey and Mammer made her yummy German Chocolate Cake. And, while carving the turkey, there were two big puppies who would have loved for an accidental spill.
These two loved having free reign of Nana and Pawpaw’s house to play and watch the parade. They were so excited when a float they loved would come up…especially the Elf on the Shelf…
Thanksgiving 2012 090  Thanksgiving 2012 091

Thanksgiving 2012 095
  Thanksgiving 2012 094  Thanksgiving 2012 088
Family pics were a big of a challenge this year. Nash just wasn’t interested…
Thanksgiving 2012 101
So, like good parents do, we made fun of him…
Thanksgiving 2012 104
He was not amused! But Quinn was! Mercy.
Thanksgiving 2012 105
And, we couldn’t have Thanksgiving without an attempted timer pic of all of us…
Thanksgiving 2012 106

Thanksgiving 2012 115

The second attempt at ThePoeFam’s pic was also a fail…at least it captures the craziness perfectly…
Thanksgiving 2012 117 Thanksgiving 2012 120
After lots of work in the kitchen, it was time for the feast. And, it was amazing!!
Thanksgiving 2012 123

Thanksgiving 2012 125  Thanksgiving 2012 127
After lunch, there were naps before we headed off to a Thanksgiving Day showing of Wreck it Ralph! It was a fun day…and I truly give thanks to the Lord for his indescribable gifts of our family!


Jill said...

Hilarious! And, I need Slickpaw's famous turkey recipe so that I can have a famous turkey, too. I'm serious.

Kendra said...

I just LOVE reading about your sweet family. Thanksgiving was different for our family this year too. I am so glad you were still able to enjoy!

Unknown said...

I have been meaning to email you and now I can't find your email and I got off FB for a bit. Brittney, I want you to know how much we are loving Meaningful Christmas. I got roped into it because MIA needed another participant and I am not crafty so I was not a great ornament maker, but the time we are spending each day doing this is priceless. The short format is so good for our toddlers and Aaron is very excited to answer the questions. THANK YOU. With Love, The Allens

Unknown said...

You have such a nice blog, not to mention an adorable family! I found your blog when searching for wholesome family advice and activities. I also blog at if you are interested. Thanks for all that you do to speak about the joys and realities of being a momma!

Take care, happy holidays!