Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Quinn’s First Field Trip

On Thursday, November 29th, I had the sweet privilege of getting to help chaperone Quinn’s Kindergarten class on their very first field trip! Quinn’s best buddy’s mom and I followed the bus to Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch in Pilot Point. I loved how excited he was to go and how SUPER excited he was that I got to go with him. I will forever remember that part the most! field trip etc 005It was a beautiful day!! And, the animals were SO cool! We got so many “up close and personal” moments with them. My favorite was the Zorse (Zebra/Horse mix) and Quinn’s favorite was the Lemur. And, I loved getting to watch Quinn interact with all of his classmates. So hilarious and fun!
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We are so thankful that Q is loving Kindergarten so much and are beyond thankful for his precious teacher, Mrs. Bates. She’s a true answer to prayer!!
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Here’s to many more fun Field Trips with my sweet, sweet love!
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Lainey-Paney said...

FYI: I just saw the other day, and nabbed the one I saw, a hotwheels little car at Walmart that reads along the side, "Roanoke Fire & EMS."

So, if your kiddos like little cars, be on the lookout for this one! It's a 71 Corvette Grand Sport, and the little model # is V5466. I snagged one for a gal that I used to work with. She has a little boy, and her husband is a Roanoke firefighter, so I just knew he'd love this!

And the zorse---never have I seen such a thing!

Laura said...

I will always remember when my mom chaperoned our kindergarten field trip to Heifer International and fed a lamb with a bottle. So glad you're making these memories!!