Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nash: Two Years Old

Nasher 016Oh My Nash Baylor Poe,
Where do I begin? How do I describe your sweet personality and how much I love you in a letter? It’s going to be hard…but, I’m sure going to try!

If I had to describe you in a word, I think it would be “mess!” You are SUCH a mess on SO many levels! You give us such a run for our money and make us laugh in the same breath! You test our patience and melt our hearts in the same moment. You make us want to pull our hair out and want to kiss you all over at the exact same time. I don’t know how it’s possible. People everywhere stop to comment on your adorableness! You’re a charmer, for sure!

Dentist Day 013I’d say your most proud title is “little brother!” You ADORE your big brother so much and want to do what he’s doing most of the time. Recently, you’ve started asking him for help before asking me when you need a drink, can’t reach something in your bed, etc. It’s so precious to me. You’ll sit with him and play Legos, play ball, or fight with swords. You have full conversations with him and miss him so when he’s not around! You are so proud to watch him play soccer and say “Go Bubba” over and over again! I pray that you will always be close…and trust that you will be.
Nasher 024Even though you’re still a big guy and will always be my “Chubber,” you’re really not that chubby any more…you’re SO solid! Sadly, you’re not the greatest eater when it comes to meals, but you love, Love, LOVE to snack! I’d say your “nack cup” is your lovey. You want to take it to bed, but I don’t let you…but that doesn’t keep you from asking EVERY day! Your favorite snacks are still “shishies” (gold fish), Honey Kicks and any type of crackers. You also LOVE your sweets and would eat a sucker or gum all day long. Unfortunately you don’t love milk or water…but, you’ll drink water. You prefer to have it mixed with juice…and the tiny bit I put appeases you. Embarrassingly enough, you LOVE diet coke and is what you request at most meals! You’ll fuss until Mommy’s coke can be RIGHT next to you. See!?!…MESS!
  Dentist Day 016 Dentist Day 017
Thankfully, you’re still a good sleeper. You went through a no rocking phase…went back to it…and are now not wanting to be rocked again. Now, you want me to lay you in your bed, tickle your back, tummy, arms, face, hands, feet (you’ll command each one) and sing the ABC song OVER AND OVER! After 10 or so minutes, we leave you and you fall asleep quickly. You still sleep with your “rain” and just started sleeping with music too. You seem to love it. You want to make sure all of the doors are closed in your room and like it completely dark! Your bed is still FULL of SO many stuffed animals and now other things as well. You always want this little glitter wand, a green Hot Wheels car, your plastic Elmo and Count and your little magnadoodle. (among other things on any given day) You also want a sippy cup of water in your bed. Gracious. Most days you wake up happy between 7 and 8. You’ll sometimes sing and “color” (on your little magnadoodle) before you start calling for us. I’m so thankful for that! … You still take a great 2 to 3 hour nap on most days too!
Nasher 018As far as entertainment, your FAVORITE thing (BY A MILE) is playing with balls. You’ll shoot, throw, kick, roll and bounce with people or all by yourself. There is NO DOUBT in our minds that you’re going to be a little athlete. Your accuracy is already so impressive. Daddy and I will often look at each other in awe of the spiral you threw or the hoop that you made. Second to
playing with balls is coloring! You LOVE it…either on your  magnadoodle or on paper…you love your coloring books and your Color Wonder paper and markers. Since Quinn didn't (and still doesn’t) love to color that much, it’s fun for me! I could sit with you and color for hours. Like I already said, you LOVE to do what your brother is doing and are also too brave for your own good! You tumble and jump on EVEYTHING and pretend that every bed, couch or chair is a trampoline. You have no fear. Sadly, you “bonk” your head multiple times a day…but, you’re tough and are quickly ready to play! I’m worried for what the future may hold as far as injuries. You enjoy watching shows for a little while but not like your brother did/does. Your shows of choice are Elmo (Sesame Street), Mickey Mouse and Jack’s Big Music Show. You also LOVE the Curious George Movie and your Hillsong Kids DVD! Dentist Day 023You are STRONG willed…and I have NO idea where you get that!!? (wink. wink.) You have to open your own bar, buckle your own seatbelt, and NEVER ride in a buggy or stroller. If you want to be held, you HAVE to be held, and if you want a “nack,” you won’t let up until you get it. I must admit that it makes this Momma VERY tired…but, I pray that God will use it for good!
Nasher 005 Nasher 006
You are SO polite…you say “please” and “thank you” almost always without being reminded. If Quinn gives you something, you promptly say “thank you, Bubba!” You even thank me and apologize when I change your stinky diapers. What a love.
Nasher 023Speaking of diapers, you are starting to potty train…and I DREAD it. You ask to go potty and get SO proud of yourself with you teetee and poopoo on the potty! I’d say you go a little in the potty everyday, but I’m just not ready to be consistent. Maybe we will when Bubba starts school!? Ugh. Dentist Day 020You love to talk…Here are some things that we often hear…
“I really better, Momma!”
“Go Nigh-night ground!”
“Help-a you!”
“I wanna wachha-show, Daddy!”
“Hode-ju!” (Hold you)
“Nasher do it!”
“Nack pu-lease!” (Snack please)
“Play bas-keet-ball. I shoot it."
“I be cozy!”
“That Daddy’s. That Mommy’s. That Nashers. That Bubba’s!”
“I put it back!”
“Pook a hand!” (Pick a hand…when playing a “finding” game!)
Dentist Day 018Oh, I adore you. You LOVE to dance. You love it when I “shoo-ee” when I smell your stinky feet. You can turn on the tears at the drop of a hat. You know how to use my Iphone. You love to help me clean! You are fast. You adore your puppies. Your favorite color is green. (or so you say) You have the MOST contagious laugh. Your HUGE dimple on your right cheek melts me. You ADORE your Daddy! You don’t mind having your nails clipped. You already have opinions about your clothes. You love to “get cozy!” You can stick your bottom lip our further than should be possible. You can gurgle. You are strong. You pray before every meal. You are a sweet friend. And, did I mention that I adore you!
Nasher 010Nash Baylor Poe, I can’t imagine our family without you in it. It’s no doubt that you make it more difficult…but you make it lots more fun too! I pray for you every single day and am so thankful that God chose YOU to be my sweet second born little love. Thank you for so obviously loving your Momma and for making me so thankful to be a Mommy! I love you…
Hugs and LOTS of Kisses,
Your Momma
Nasher 014

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