Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Loyal Fans!

These boys {especially my first born} are such loyal fans! If they see something from “their team,” they immediately notice it! Q wants to be all decked out in his team’s gear…and has LOTS of bad faces to make about the other teams…or “the bad guys!”

So, when we get a chance to visit Baylor, we have one excited group! Matt and I are probably worse than the boys…and, we can’t wait to stock up with all kinds of cool, new Baylor stuff.

As we passed through on our way to Houston this past week, we had a great time. We shopped (or course), walked around, visited the bears and took the obligatory swing pic. My love for this place will never fade!!! Sic ‘em Bears!!!
Houston Summer 2012 044

Houston Summer 2012 037

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Lauren said...

I agree...I'll always love Baylor! What a special place with the best memories! We are taking Parker for the first time in November for Homecoming...I'm already giddy with excitement about being on campus again and loading up on Baylor gear! :)